If I quit window cleaning

can i still hang out here?

I’ll do what many others do and just act like I know what the hell I am talking about.

But…I’ll be even less serious than I am now.

What are you getting in to?..Retiring, or moving onwards and upwards?

pole dancing?..

local male review…


This hurts me.

I simply ask a question about fitting in here IF I go another route…and you guys care more about ‘the route’ than ‘the man’.

I see now my question has been answered.

You are all Fancy Pants!

The answer is Yes!

I’m sure I speak for more than just myself when I say, I hope you stick around!

Phil dont be silly … please stay!

Just messing around guys.
I know.

My threads will have to start with:

Back when I was in the business…

once a window cleaner, always a window cleaner. I have a feeling that you will never fully get away from it.

Feel again.

I personally will be relieved to see your love/hate relationship with window cleaning come to an end.

My relief is that you will find more happiness in something else, not so you stop complaining.

If you feel it is holding you back, kick it to the curb!

Love hate…I never thought about it that way.

That’ll leave a mark.


Is ‘that’ll’ a word?

yes, it is a word known as a contraction like “we’ll” and “can’t”

May I ask what you have planned?

You may.

what do you have planned, g#$ %#*N?

That hurts me.

No, I am getting deeper into the floor care side.

Is floor care a necessity or luxury at the retail/commercial/professional office level?

I was looking into epoxy floor business’ recently.