If its not on paper it doesn't exist!


Now that’s an informative wall!

that was cool!
thanks for the video!

Chris, that’s awesome stuff, thanks for sharing

Yo Chris,

thats some neat stuff, but i am a one man show and i got all that info in my head.LOL

but if i was as big as you BALLER, i would for sure have that up.

I agree write it and achieve it!Thanks for sharing that wall of yours cool vid!

Thx GP

Thanks for the vid Chris. You would love my wall. our scheduling board is 6’x8’ and most of our stats are kept on poster size paper. Gives it more of that in your face feel. It’s funny how that works, our guys come in and that is the first thing they look at. It’s started to be a “secrete” competition between all of them. All of the guys try to have the best stats for bragging rights over the others. It also helps newbies push to be better too.

Do you have the another wall for residential?
Do you have a tool loss/broken chart? Or do you just help yerself from the warehouse :smiley:

Do you cross reference each event? like, what each complaint is, what tool was lost, what of the customer thing was broken?

I LOVE how you do all that stuff old-school.

I dig the old-school approach, when it comes to tracking and organizing. I think I must be a visual person, like yourself, who prefers to “see” the things going on, with some kind of graphical representation.

I appreciate the tips thank you very much.
Being a mostly one man show, I thought much like the one fella saying, I have it in my head. All of the books and info sources say, that is wrong, to grow you need to publish it and look at it daily, goal setting!

Large or small companies, it is the same!