If you get a second, please take a look at our website

This is the website we put up last winter. Neither of us knew very much about building a site, and we hadn’t yet found the WCR, so we just kind of went for it. That included branding our business and everything. It’s all a work in progress.

We included it in our direct mail campaign, and we had success with people checking it out and then contacting us. But we never showed up on Google or anywhere else. It’s basic, and we didn’t really know what we were doing or what our business would be like. So, now that we have a few months to breathe a little more, we want to rework it.

If anyone would be so kind, take a look and maybe pass on one suggestion that you notice would help improve it. We’ve read a lot of the threads now, but it can be a little overwhelming, you know?

Thanks for you consideration


ive never likeed “no obligation” i always go with free estimate.

I think your sending a confusing message. Your trying to set your company apart by being “green friendly”. Then in the very next spot you say you price match. Having a little knowledge about the QC market, this is not a smart thing to do IMHO. If you are trying to set yourself apart from your competition, which by promoting green cleaning you are, dont compete on price. You will be working for Quad City Window Cleaners peanuts. Continue to promote your green message. Charge what you are worth. Believe me, there are people in that area who pay for quality. Lowest price doesnt always win.

Personally, i am one of those consumers that buy pretty much on asthetic value so that is the perspective that i can add. I think your message is pretty clear and what you do and the aspect of being a green company is clear too. I don’t mean to offend you but it does not look like a professional has made the website and that can put some people off. Working with the font more so that it blends better and also having pictures that are not stock images help tremendously.

I think you are on the right track and i hope you get some work with your site!

try intuit.com, thats where i built my site. check it out Lions Share Maintenance | Saint Paul, MN 55118

It’s interesting you mention that. I completely forgot that we mentioned price matching. Over the course of the year we definitely hit our stride with pricing and referrals, and we stopped even really thinking about other companies. The website really needs some love from us :slight_smile: thanks for mentioning that.

I had John Webb here on WCR do my site, bought the template here. Very pleased with it and the price. I actually like the green color youve used i found it very easy to read and it felt soothing.Hope that doesnt sound odd. I had a FAQ section on my old site but I dont think people actually read all or most of it, maybe do a “about us” instead.I like the fact that your very specific why you are different from other companies (the environ friendly) aspect. Under services, do you do anything else besides window cleaning? Mention the other things you do. I think its actually a good start just needs some work. My first one I did myself, then decided I needed a more professional feel to my site. Check it out if you get a chance. Good luck!!

Good site , very well written.I think you have a look at www.seocentro.com/tools/seo/keyword-density.html and check your site.

Not bad but I would definitely add pictures of your work. I was looking for a service company recently and suddenly realized that I was ruling out companies with no pictures of their work. People want to see you in uniform doing what you do. Also you need more pages of unique content for Seo purposes - to start anyhow.

Thanks so much to everyone for taking a look at it. It’s still an amateur site, but we’ve incorporated some of the suggestions, and it’s looking a lot different. There’ll be more to come now, and more next winter when we’re hoping to really expand things (looking forward to NOLA 2012!)

Does anyone know if there is a minimum threshold of pages for the search engines to notice us? We’ll have 5 pages by the end of the week. Enough?

Thanks again, all.

The changes you have already made look much better!

I really like the photo on the home page (interior shot of the sun room). I shuddered when I saw the photo of you standing/kneeling on the roof of the sun room on the Residential page.


Was that due to the height or the possibility of scratching the glass?

It was from the possibility of the glass breaking under your weight. I don’t trust strength ratings when I could get cut up by broken glass and fall and break bones all at the same time.


I would place a top 5 or 10 reasons why to use your service on the first page and also place the customer testi’s on the bottom of that. Also I would not stand on top of peoples windows. It’s unsafe.


Yeah, I was nervous about the same thing. But we actually did that job for friends, and they assured us that the company that used to service them had employees who were much heavier than me. I trusted them, but I assure you, I am not a daredevil of any kind. I’m probably about one of the most safety conscious (read: scared) people you’ll ever meet.

That’s why next spring I’ll look forward to cleaning that sunroom with my new WFP :slight_smile:

That, my friend, is a brilliant idea. Thank you.

After taking a look at your site I think you missed defining your strategy prior to publishing. Please don’t be offended. It’s a common mistake – the “shotgun” approach. You need to identify and hit some bulleyes. First you define your strategy, and then you create the site to hit the targets you’ve defined.

What areas, cities and towns are you seeking to target? What search terms are you trying to rank? What services do you offer and what search term is someone on Google going to enter in order to find your page? This is the short list but once you’ve defined these items then you create each page on your site to target these. Each page, each graphic and the accompanying text should be designed specifically to grab one to three search terms for a specific geographic area.

Don’t forget that you offer professional window cleaning. The fact that it’s ‘green’ may be a plus for many but it’s completely inconsequential unless they can find your website first.

Graphics are necessary to create an attractive page. No one will pay any attention to a webpage that has no graphics no matter how compelling or well written the content (text) may be. Having said that, don’t forget that the second purpose of using a graphic is to draw attention to the accompanying text. This is where you have an opportunity to ‘sell’ and to place the keyword phrases you’re trying to target with that page. You have some nice graphics and a nice layout but definitely add more content (text).

You’re using your keywords meta tag to name some of the terms you should be using in your title and description meta tags. The keywords meta tag is useless. Search engines don’t use it anymore. If you take a look at my main monterey window cleaning site you’ll see that there’s no keyword meta tags used anywhere on the site yet I have, as of this morning, 757 top ten listings targeting 83 keyword phrases on Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

This morning on Google, searching for monterey awning cleaning, my primary site (above) is #’s 1, 2 and 3. #’s 4 and 5 reference my site from other business listing sites and #10 is my secondary clean windows site that I use to help keep the riffraff off of page one.

Make note of hit #’s 4 and 5. Use Bing business listings, Yahoo! Local, Google places, insider pages.com, merchant circle.com, yelp, angie’s list (free), etc., to get your site out there and ask for references. Ask your clients go online and leave reviews of their experience with your company.

I’ve emailed you an example what the title and description meta tags on your landing page might be. For some reason the forum here wouldn’t allow those lines of text.

Here on the Monterey Peninsula there are five cities that are my primary market. Monterey, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove. There are also some other towns, Marina, Seaside, Toro Park, etc., but the first five I listed are the primary focus of my internet marketing campaign. All of my search engines results are organic, I don’t pay for any of them.

There’s a wealth of free information about internet marketing and search engine optimization on the web and it is absolutely worth your time to become knowledgeable. If you’re not willing to do that or you simply don’t have the time then pay a professional to do it but be ready to spend some money. Effective internet marketing isn’t cheap. For example, to put a website like yours on page 1 in your market wihin 90 days, my fee would be about $11K then $300 a month to keep it there. So, like I said, it’s worth the time you have to invest in order to become proficient.

Internet marketing is the single most cost effective means of advertising that exists but, like any advertising campaign, unless it’s effective it doesn’t produce.

Hope some of these suggestions point you in the right direction. Best wishes for a happy and profitable 2012.

Good, clean looking, non confusing or busy website. I like it. I would change the pic of you standing on the glass. I said “yikes” when i seen that. There are some cunsumers out there that would take that in a negative way. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck with it.

Yep… I would agree with that… Over all looks pretty good. I would look at your text images. Some of them you may want to make actual text instead of an image for seo purposes.