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Hey guys. On the journey of building my own RO system. Heres my problem

I’m getting 65psi from the garden hose. My TDS is great and I’m happy with it, it’s just the pressure coming out of it, very low. This is what I’m worried about. I’m building something VERY similar to the Xero pure, my goal is no pumps or batteries and just to keep it simple. Is there something obvious I’m missing?

The best way to describe the pressure coming out is probably lower than a water fed pole brush.

I know it’s not enough power to push water into a resin tank, and build up enough pressure to push water hundreds of feet. I’m thinking maybe its because I only have 65PSI and the recommendation is 80 from the garden hose? But at the same time I’m wondering if thats really the problem because xero pure is a plug and play machine!

Thanks for the help guys, I’m a novice. Been doing this for 30 days so cut me a break haha!

There is a thread that popped up recently on RO build where some member recommend certain membranes. I would scroll down the recent topics and find it to see if your membrane doesn’t have the right specs. I know it was posted within the last 2 weeks. My guess is your membrane can’t produce enough flow.

I believe 65psi coming into the ro should be plenty, it is for my xero pure. No pump needed at that pressure with 180’ of 3/8 id hose and about 35’ of xero pole hose. I like to have minimum 60psi and have cleaned down to 45, but it’s too slow and hydrophobic glass does not rinse well.


First try taking out your carbon filter and screwing housing back on. Run system. Check output.

If that doesn’t solve, bypass DI. Repeat.
Still doesn’t, bypass RO. Repeat.

Remember, it’s 3 filters connected by 2 hoses. They’re can only be so many troubleshoots.

Also, do you have a waste house connected on the bottom?

What size hose is your feed?

I have an adjustor on that waste hose. Is there a certain size I should aim for? I’ve been experimenting with altering the pressure up and down on the waste, with a lever. But cant find my issue. My TDS right now is 297 and after the RO the tds is 69

My fittings on my membrane holder are 1/2 which is interesting because on the xero pure it seems like they are 3/4ths. I guess I should aim for a adapter thats 1/2inch to 3/16ths, then run two feet of xero hose for my waste? Just trying to see if im on the right track.

Start with the first troubleshoots that were listed.

Do you have any pictures of your setup?
As has been previously stated, it would be very helpful to know what specific RO membrane you purchased. Most membranes are rated for optimal production at 150psi or more, so you will likely have flow issues unless you have a membrane designed for production at lower pressures.
I have plenty of other questions, but I’ll wait until you share that info. Hopefully we all can help get your challenges resolved : )

I think with your new set up your tds is still too high. Just saying I have tds over 1500 and can get it down to 8-15tds

The hole for my eagle to go to the membranes is only 1/8” I do have a pump but I would imagine it’s the same theory

I was thinking the same thing. Those TDS before & after numbers are showing only a 76% rejection rate from the RO membrane, which definitely raises some questions. Most membranes should give at least a 95% or better rejection rate. More info & pics of the setup would be helpful to try & see/understand what may be happening

Figured it all out guys. Pressure wasn’t building up well because I had a holes open in my RO. Also, I bought an DI filter from Window Cleaner but it DOESNT include the rubber washer, so basically the system wasn’t building pressure the way it was built to be. It may be common sense to you guys, build I had no idea how to do it, luckily after a while I figured it out.

My pressure wasn’t high enough to run a rinsebar, so I bought a 1hp booster, and now I have enough pressure to have 300 feet of line.

Total cost of my project = roughly $600
$250 hf5 RO
$100 cart
$15 cart handle
$20 wheels
$30 for carbon/sediment
$80 for RO holster
$20 for adapters and hoses
$40 resin container (big blue)
$30 resin cartridge

Can I ask how many hours it took you too source materials and too build?

If you don’t have the clientele to warrant purchasing I can see building one.

Sometimes it’s not worth the hassle


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