If your customer has a pool

I come from a recreational aquatics background (I am a Certified Pool and Spa Operator). Swimming pool water has to contain a certain amount of calcium (hardness) in order for the gunite or plaster to maintain its structural integrity. This is between 300-400ppm. This is higher than most tap water. Many pool owners have automatic pool sweepers whose sweeping tails often, if not always, shoot water on windows when they come close to the surface. In the heat on summer, water evaporation happens quickly enough to leave calcium deposits on windows. I have found here, during the infancy of my WC business, that these are sometimes difficult to remove with standard scraping. So now when I am getting pre-estimate info from a customer I ask if they have a pool. It helps to prepare me as to how I will price the job. And educating the customer about how those spots got there and why they should have it removed regularly (longevity of the glass) helps to get a commitment on scheduling future window cleanings.

Finally…I get to post about something I know alot about!

Interesting you bring this up! I have over the years seen exactly what you refer too,in fact…on most of the occasions the glass was etched beyond help with chemicals.

Only once maybe twice have we been able to correct the problem for the most part the only other option would be polishing or replacing the glass.

My only suggestion would be to (seal the glass) in order to keep it in check otherwise its alot like hard water stains if you don’t seal problematic area’s it’s gonna come back.

Same here - I’ve had the same problem. And once I had recognised the problem I soaked the tempered window with vinegar a couple of times & made the window my last job of the day before scraping it. The second time back it was a lot better. My idea now is to get some product to protect it on its next clean to make it more hydrophobic.

On another note - anyone cleaned the underwater windows yet?

I see a marketing opportunity here for you!

Make a write up about pool and water issues for the home owner in regards to there window glass and siding. Now use facts but be personable in this as well. Do the regular grammar and spell check thing, ask someone to proof it and then submit to the local papers and local TV shows.

BANG !!! -> instant marketability, instant credibility and this shows you care about everyone not just your customers! Remember the papers are dying to get useful fun and articulate info into there publications.

Sounds like a great intro marketing piece to me! Next take it to the pool and hot tub companies themselves, do some print ups, flyer’s etc. They should be wanting to give to the customer. Tell them it is good customer relations.

Congrats on hitting on your strengths. Now go do research; here and elsewhere for the most info you can get on how to remove these hard water stains, and you have a specialty. If they can afford a pool and or hot tub, they may like to be able to see it out their windows.

Try to get some good window photos showing the effects and the spots etc.
in this regards as well, pics will paint a picture that the words will augment and captivate them.

Fantastic idea!!! My wife is an honors English grad student, so proofreading and grammar assistance is readily available. I’ll post my findings for all! Thanks.

cool cross promoting with pool and spa people what a great idea

Please excuse my ignorance

Ummm what do you seal glass with?

How do you seal glass?

And could this become a viable add on?