IGU Condensation Restoration

So there are a number of companies that try to sell high dollar franchises offering de-fogging kits to their users. These are used in the removal of condensation within the panes, but are FAR cheaper.


From the look of these kits, it is simple to do. Has anyone tried anything like this?

Ive talked to a couple different franchise owners over the past year. The verdict want to good. The work is very hard to obtain, labor intensive with spotty results that were seldom perfect. I could see it being viable maybe on highrise stuff where replacement simply isnt an option.

Ohh oops after re reading your post… I was speaking of the high dollar franchises… That looks really cheap Im gonna order one of those tonight and test that thing out.

let me know how it goes, I was working on a window a few months ago (removing several scratches) that had this issue.

Intriguing. I may have to get a kit to. I have a window on my house I could test it on.

Just tried to order one to Canada,

it will not let me select Canada,
so I called, no answer, no big deal there,
tried to emal, it bounced back


Most of the higher end systems have you flush out the inside with a special solution prior to installing the vents. This process is also supposed to get rid of first stage corrosion on the inside. I’m not too sure this cheap system will address these issues.

For the money it seems it’s pretty much risk free testing on one of your own windows. The site doesn’t seem to be very professional at all. Not enough info and no guarantee from what I can see.

They state on their site that you just need to look up ‘foggy window repair’ on Youtube to see it in action. I did the search in Youtube but got every other company advertisement, not theirs. :confused:

Just wanted to see if anyone was able to get one of these systems, and if it worked out. I have a number of people looking for the service.

Nope not me,
can not order online from Canada,
can not get anyone to return calls either.

So I say it is a scam or a very bad business person, very bad.

Cody, find out who supplies them and then take this idea over and run with it. Your a great biz person! just my .02c >:)

I just realized I haven’t received mine yet.

This is exactly what I am looking for, where can you purchase and learn about these high end systems for foggy windows and window corrosion?

Here’s one I found using a simple Google search - Foggy Window Repair | Window Condensation Repair | Dr. Defog-It

There are several companies offering this out there, I’m looking to be able to provide this service to my clients and I need the gear, setup and training. This link takes me to a company that is already doing this service. I guess I could look into a franchise but then that would be like me looking into FISH to do window cleaning. I’m not interested in someones franchise, I simply want to add the service to my existing business. Thanks anyway!

Hey Tony,
it says this…
Whether you are looking for an additional value added service for your existing window business, or you’re looking for a proven, profitable new business opportunity, make the clear choice – become an authorized Dr. Defog-It Dealer!

subsidiary of the Broco Glass Group

maybe look up the Broco and also find where you can get the original equipment? Just checked they are Canadian, so they must be good :wink:

My Bad! I should have read more closely. This is a good start although It’s still a franchise thing, but I guess it might be my only option.

Most of the systems for this service are proprietary and belong to franchises. I looked and couldn’t find any systems that weren’t affiliated w/ some company wanting to sell you a service area for several thousand dollars (not including the system itself). It would take a lot of work to offset that initial cost.

These services rely more on selling the service as a preventive measure for windows that have yet to fail than windows that have. I am a terrible salesman

I worked for a well known glass shop in my city we nor anyone else bother to offer this service. it’s easier to just replace the unit.
which since you need access to the seal/spacer by removing it from the frame anyway, might as well put a new one in.
besides, that link is dead now.

Hi, I bought a kit 4 months ago from a company online called Repair Foggy Windows: Great business opportunity. Purchase business kits and repair foggy windows without replacement., the kit came with online training and manual! It was very inexpensive and I received it very quick. They have been great with support and send supplies very quick. I think for our business, this is a no brainer. Just thought I would share that with you. Regards, Mike.

How much work has the kit brought you?

What is your follow-up policy with customers?