Im a so Peeved!

I have gotten so many notices of bankruptcy and folks who simply refuse to pay me for work done…it makes me very very ill!

The monies owed me would buy me a new flat screen TV or small car or vacation!

Many of these KNEW they were folding and let me do the windows or carpets anyway!

I am right on the edge here. One foot dangles in the water of revenge.

I can’t see straight I am so ****ed off.

Breathe Phil, breathe! I can’t even fathom what drives some people to be the kind of dirtbag that would rip off someone providing a service for them. Sorry to hear this buddy. We’re here so you can vent and stay out of the penitentiary!:wink:

I’ve learned to never underestimate how sh***y some people are.

Somewhere i saw a sign on the back of a garbage truck !! Satisfation guaranted or double the garbage back !! Well ??? No don’t do it !! But i’m thinking about it !! For sure !! I’ve called them and asked what about a trade for the bill. At least i got a chair or weight set !! Better that a emty hand !! Best get right on the bill as soon as your done!!! Just a tip !!

How 'bout writing on their windows with a white grease pen, “Doesn’t pay window cleaning bill.” No, don’t do it. Just kidding. This stinks, Phil. Longest non-payment I’ve had is 45 days, but at least they eventually paid.


wow, thats awesome. I’ve had to take at least 6 people or companies to court. Also, have had about a dozen or so do the bankruptcy thing. I guess over 16 years those #'s aren’t too bad.

I would call the customer, explain that you are not a thief, so you will be bringing the dirt back to the rightful owner. :slight_smile:

spray some cc550 on the windows…

strange times right now,hang in there man be thankfull we have low overhead
I know some people who are going through the ringer theese days

The issue, to me, was they KNEW they were going under and still had me do the work!

That is stealing. When you steal from me you steal from my family, when you steal from my family…

do that INSIDE my house and you get holes.

This is quite common practice actually. I’ve worked for 2 companies that went bankrupt. They continued to order product from suppliers right up to the very end even though they had no plan on how they were going to pay for the goods.

Not making excuses, I feel for ya. I too have some accounts that are taking their time (3 mortgage payments worth :mad:) and don’t appreciate it with Christmas coming and all.

What i don’t understand is why is it that when a business that is NOT going out of business can just not pay, and we really don’t have much recourse other than court. They can have us clean the windows and decide, Im not paying. I had a shoe store do that to me recently. They are in collections right now. They can do it and get away with it, but I can’t go in and take a pair of shoes without being arrested. Businesses generally don’t care about our business’s.

Music to my ears. I have really been disturbed by this practice myself. I see this the exact same way as you.

It’s the intent here that is disturbing. Was listening to a radio show with a financial advisor taking call ins. Question was something like this, “My family will be filing for bankruptcy. We have two cars. One is 2 years old. The other is 4 years old. We would like to replace the older vehicle with a new vehicle and we know we can afford the payments on the backside of bankruptcy. Is it better to finance now, or should we wait until after the bankruptsy?” I lost track of the answer, 'cause I was in shock at the questions.