I'm building my own window cleaning trolley please help

Please have a look at this blueprint I made of what i’m trying to make and tell me if it makes sense to you.

Here is what I have

A DI vessel that is filled with resin.
A water fed pole.
A 50 liter tank.
A trolley to carry the tank.
A 100 psi pump.

I dont have a controller. What is a controller? Just a device that limits the speed of the pump and few other fancy things?

As far as I understand the controller is just there to control the speed of the pump so its not on full blast right?

I contacted a local electronic store which said they could control the speed of the pump with a device that is fairly cheep. Should I just purchase this? Because I cant find these popular controllers here in South Africa.

Thanks for helping.


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You need to control the waste water more then the pump. A ro needs a booster pump of at least 150 psi

  1. Axion 4040 low pressure 80 psi is the standard now.
  2. All you need is a 21" housing for di
  3. 2 10" housing charcoal sediment
  4. Connectors
    Just buy one here and save a lot of work!
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If you are going with a on demand system you will not need a flow control but if you want a tank based system you will want this one
A pump control will deliver the water from your tank to the brush and save your pump and battery life. There is no replacement in the US market.
I will attach several picture of DIY trolleys so you can see and get ideas. Actual trolleys with tanks are very rare most mount them in there vehicle.


Following, this is interesting.

Here is mine one of a kind Double DI Unger ro cart

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How is the tds over there? Running just di is an option but if its a bit higher you may want to run ro too.

If possible I would leave your system mounted in your truck as your trolley would be around 140 lbs just with the tank. Then you have to consider the weight of your battery, pump, the trolley itself, the di tank… Thats a lot of weight to be pulling around with you. Leave it in the truck and buy extra hose then all you have to do is carry your hose and pole around.

You’re pump is pretty strong. If you’re only using one pole, then 100 psi might be too much. If you get a flow controller thats not too big of a deal but you could save a couple bucks by purchasing a smaller pump.

Truck mount is the best way to go and we have done it this way for 20 years!]
Bring water to the van sys

tem and not system to the water!
We have a 30 gal tank, Pump 3/4 horse 5.3 pump booster for 4040 ro
Carry many battery dilivery pumps

Can you take a picture of the other side. Iam in the process of building my own just looking for ideas.


Where can you buy an aluminum trolley/cart like this? I can’t find this style anywhere. I know they come with the unger 2 stage but can they be purchased separately?

Yes I can order it for you. The cart is 260.00 and the shipping is about the same.

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on sale in the great white north, canadian dollars: 129 practically FREE!

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