I'm having a stack attack!

I am having a second honeymoon with my sectionals. Before added the 6 and 5 to this stack I was trucking around with 6 and 6 and 8 and man is it light.

This is an example of how a sectional can be used on a window frame.

Note am biased to the left rail which keeps the left side of the nose away from the glass and the right side is out away from the right pane enough to allow space to clean.

Whenever you have any kind of bias on a sectional ladder you want to climb and work on the side that is making contact at the nose. The emphasis will increase with the severity of the bias.

With a sharply biased sectional placement you could be in for a quick little twister and hit dirt if you put weight on the wrong rail.

With an extension ladder I would do all three windows in one ladder placement and not be worried about how I step on the ladder and fearing I would fall to the ground.

I don’t like placing a sectional on windows with such a small side ledge. Just what you said, one wrong turn or lean and down you go. I would place it in the middle probably straight up(not angled) and clean all 3 or place in two positions. I only use the V-notch on deeper side ledges like brick. Too dangerous IMO.


I would do all three from the ground with my Tucker and save the time handling, moving and climbing ladders

Would you say a WFP is useful only for homes with a certain amount of windows?? Because if there are only a few spots where a ladder needs to be placed then it wouldn’t take that much time. I mean you do have to get the thing out, get the hoses hooked up, extend the pole, break everything back down and get back into your vehicle. That does take some time I’m guessing but this is based on my experience with WFP’s. They seem to be a pain in certain situations.

I know what you mean, Kevin. Sometimes the landscape and terrain dictate the angle you have to use with a sectional. That’s the beauty of them. With an extension ladder you only have a choice or two of placement. Say there were tons of bushes and a big tree directly in front of those windows. You would have many more options of reaching them with a sectional.

In the middle I would be too low to get more than one window unless I was on like the second rung from the top and that is scary. I can understand if you are not comfortable with the nose on such a narrow ledge but I am, they are designed for such applications. I think with an extension ladder you would have to place it above the windows to have any chance of getting all three and I think it would be quite a stretch.

Nah, not with a standoff assisting with placement. I’ve even done that with deep-set windows over a roof with gutter by uitilizing a 97P and Ladder Stopper.

I would place the extension ladder directly under the center window, to reach the far corners on the outer windows I would put my soaker on my 18inch Slayer. I would then have my 18inch Slayer offset in its handle so I could reach the far corners when squeegeeing them. No unsafe stretching at all.

Jay, would you be doing vertical pulls then? That is one disadvatage to my ledger in that I cannot offset the channel. That is one thing I need to be able to do sometimes.

On the window on the right I would start with the sgueegee vertical on the left side of the window going to the right I would start to get the sgueegee horizontal as I got to the right corner and then a down pull to bottom. Wipe the left edge clean and starting verically on the left its just a turn of the wrist and pull down. Detail the far edges with a huck on the end of my Slayer. I hope you can visualize what I mean.

Thanks Jay, it sounds to me like an upside down L move, first L to R, then immediately up to down.

And for the second step the same clockwise 90 twist after beginning the second pull down on the left side the width of the first pass.

If I am correct.

Do you feel these types of motion as more fluid with Sorbo rubber as opposed to Ettore?

I am not too proud to always be learning and appreciate your help Jay.

For me personally rubber doesn’t make a difference.

Looks like I’m the opposite…

Nice pic. I will have to admit, you are right.

:smiley: I was thinking about this thread when I was setting up… I just had to take a pic.

If you really think that stacks are that great come race me.

I would pull them from the ground and leave my stackables in the truck.

My choice since I see a screen is doing two from the inside or all of em… or one from inside and add a half piece to have the ladder above the window… with a ladder pad