I'm seriously in Shock

2 weeks ago, things were moving… We had huge growth year in 2019… Made the investment on a larger marketing budget this year that we started spending money on in February, added 2 more full time employees to our company, working towards another truck on the road, secured a lease on a bigger shop location, spent money on training new hires, and we were ready to have an amazing year…

Then we started hearing the hysteria about this Corona Virus about 10 days ago. Didn’t think too much about it, we still released about $5000 worth of EDDM flyers last week and we were ready to start the year big. The first sign was that we didnt gain any new customers from our EDDMS. Then by Saturday our phone went silent (havnt had a new customer call yet). Sunday Night we had our first cancellation because of the Virus. We had expected a few but didnt think it would phase us much… We had 95% of the following week booked solid. 6 Employees all scheduled 35+ hours with a couple part timers pieced in there. … then Monday they canceled the schools, churches, the restaurants, the bars, and eventually the 10 person ban. By the end of the day Monday 30% of our work for the week had suspended. Then today… by 4pm today every window cleaning job except a small 10 window job and a few Powerwash jobs suspended work over the next 10 days. I still have enough work on powerwashing to hopefully give my crew leaders 25 hours… everyone else got laid off. One week ago, I was sending out $5k in EDDM mailers.

This has moved so fast I cant even wrap my head around it. I don’t think I am going out of business but even that I am unsure of right now. We have had several great profitable years and we have cash reserves but how long will they last? Can we get enough work to atleast pay our operating bills and cover payroll? March, April, May, and June is our busy season which greatly financially supports us through the winter…I am at a loss.

I know I’m not the only one, many WC and PW friends of mine in KC and others in the midwest are experiencing similar fates… both large and small operations.

Thankfully we are blessed to be debt free, money in the bank, and a strong brand in our market. We are in a great position to hopefully “bounce back.” I am the type of person that strategizes and preps for everything and I never saw this coming and I’m in a state of shock.


Where you located Kyle?

NW Missouri & North Kansas City Area.

I feel your pain. I went ahead and asked to be contacted by an sba lender due to the virus. I don’t have any loans or anything like that and I own all of my equipment, but if we lose all of our business for the next month I’m going to be forced to stop paying everything except the phone bill and software. I’ll just let my insurance cancel and get new policies once we get back up and running. Working with my landlords now and letting them know there may not be any rent money coming.

The good thing is that with us owning everything, website is paid for the year and we keep our software paid up, we can get going again. Doesn’t mean the loss of money isn’t going to BK me though :disappointed:. Never in a million years could I have imagined this.

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Oh and I’m not counting on hearing back from the SBA. There are so many other businesses getting all the attention right now, so we’re going to be pretty low on the totem pole for receiving emergency relief :disappointed:

we have roughly $7k in bills every month that need to be paid whether we are working or not. That does not include Payroll, Owner Pay, or Taxes. Going to start cutting them today. Trying not to go into a depression.

That’s about where we sit as well.

I’m in Europe and I’m going to tell you right now - this isn’t going to go away.

I recommend all businesses prepare to be workless for the next 6months… read as MUCH as you can what’s going on abroad and prepare accordingly because it WILL happen to the US/Canada


I know this is a tough time for everyone. We are certainly being affected here at WCR. This should be our busiest time of year and sales have slowed quite a bit. I estimate we are about 70% slower than we should be.

With that said this will pass. I think it will pass pretty quickly. Stay strong!


We have taken pretty aggressive stances much quicker than most of Europe so I am hoping we get through quicker. Plus, it’s hard to keep American’s down. We take our freedom to pursue happiness pretty damn serious in this country. We’re just going to have to get to a point where we have to say we’re going to manage as best we can. If you’re healthy, you’re fine, go about your business. Wash your hands non stop, wipe down surfaces and stay away from the elderly for the time being. If you are elderly, unfortunately you will have to socially distance/self isolate for the time being. Same for vulnerable people.

We can’t grind the gears to a halt forever. This is also an election year and our constitution mandates that it happens. I will say that at this point, either way, the economic damage is done. I don’t know what our businesses look like at the end of the tunnel regardless.


Got into a funk the past 2 days… I’m out of the shock and I’m back to work… we are strategizing for other services we can be pushing and pushing no customer contact services. Never seen my employees so motivated for the business. Keep pushing


Tell us how you do, Kyle. It’s just myself and my wife but we’re anticipating things slowing down soon. Considering offering outside only cleans and maybe pushing gutter cleaning.

Don’t give up people!


I think my saving grace will be the fact 90% of my customers are residential clients that have been with me through the few big recessions in our local economy. A good majority of theses clients have already made their money and aren’t heavily invested in the markets anymore. I just don’t see them saying they don’t want windows cleaned because of a virus and in another month things should drastically turn around. Like @mshramek said:


That’s honestly what scares me most about the virus here in the US. There is no way to completely segregate the older and more at risk people from the rest of the population. The only way to keep the healthcare system from becoming completely overwhelmed by this, is to limit the spread among the entire population, not just those most at risk. That will require a willingness from everyone to put the greater good ahead of their own “freedoms”.


To quote The White Buffalo: This ain’t no time to get weak in the knees.

Impacted for sure, blessed this week for sure.

However I want you all to know 2 facts.

  1. I just read medical weed stores are considered an essential business in my area and will remain open.

  2. The girl with an amazing rack is back at the coffee house.

What a good day.


That’s seems high for window cleaning. Can you trim that somewhere? Unless you’re running many vehicles with notes or a crazy building note

I’m praying for you guys.
I’ve spoken with several of y’all over the last few days and we have shared experiences. this doesn’t make this unexpected experience any easier. last year was 30% growth for me and I was planning just like many if you with advertising, adding a FT to go with PT guy but right when the schedule got full, the spiket went dry.
cutting back, giving discounts or long term rain guarantees to grey some money to hold us through is a reality. this isn’t anything we’re expected or maybe even planned for but it’s our reality and hope for all y’all’s well being physically, emotionally and spiritually.
looking for side work is even EXTREMELY difficult as thousands have been laid off or fired recently. again, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.
thanks for all your support.
love you all

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Thankfully will all my services right now we’re slammed. Thank GOD

That being said I’m in AZ and if we stay busy HMU and I can possibly use someone for some of our services.

Other services to think of is

Food delivery/ water delivery

Dog food / dog walking service

Depends on your City some are completely shut down

Dublin,Ireland here.As much as i love and prefer the positivity rather than the doom and gloom,we have to face facts really!
For the love of god,i hope the majority of ppl will stop taking what they see and read on FB as well as all other social media outlets as BS.The only ppl that advice should be taken from is WHO and your national health service period.
As far as work goes i have to be honest with some of you on here.Guys you are going to have to face reality and realise that you may very well have to stop working for the next few months or less if this situation is taken care of.I’ve been trying myself this week and had to admit to myself today that i am gonna give another week or less and will more than likely put a hold on business until we get a hold of this globally.
This is not something i want to do as i know myself like the rest of you that i prefer to be outdoors working and will crack up being cooped up inside the house!!Its all well and good saying you or your country doesn’t take anything by just laying down but unfortunately this is the reality every country has to face and the sooner ppl all accept that and try to avoid contact with anyone other than who they live with it will be the only way to beat it.
Yes it will be rough as hell financially for everyone but we will all bounce back when we get through.Pay no attention to bankers or stock market folk because the reality is that all that will go back to normal when everyone can return to the workforce normally.
Sorry if anyone takes offence to what im saying,im really not trying to make it come across that way.


“That’s seems high for window cleaning. Can you trim that somewhere? Unless you’re running many vehicles with notes or a crazy building note”

yeah, it everything from insurance, shop rent, work comp, Utilities, maintenance on 4 vehicles, accounting, office subscriptions and several other line items that come out every month. We are trimming… but there is only so much we can do.