I'm so proud

I’m so proud one of my threads is TOP 10 for the year :slight_smile:


That is a good one!

how did you figure out it was in the top 10?

Got the email from WCR

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The list was good except for the one from Rob Watshisfuck.


I wish there was an easier way to gauge stats on the best posts here… The forum software we run on is pretty antiquated… There are so many great threads that just end up getting buried or lost in the mix.

I agree! [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] you should designate a “thread cleaner moderator” and clean up (delete) non related or unnecessary comments to a thread that is worth preserving.

New ones using the search feature would really benefit from a “cleaned up” topic discussion!

Yea we could really use that… We need some help getting some threads into better categories as well.

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