Im so sick of ettore!

I head out to do my normal route this am, yesterday i put fresh new ettore rubber in all my channels and wagtails, today i decided that i wanted to used ecover with gg4 to get more of a glide, i was noticing smearing on the glass, feathering was impossible. When i was doing s turns i was getting a small line, i even trimmed down the rubber incase it was longer on one side. Im so sick of having to worry about this stupid rubber, im there fighting with the window then finally to go to home depot to pick up a simple squeegee and finish the job, just pathetic. You shouldnt have to treat the rubber by letting it soak or break in period, it should be ready out of the box! I cut all my rubbers with a ronan blade too so its nice and even

Ive gotten two packs of 18in master rubber that all does the same thing,its not smooth on the glass. I almost wanna jump ship and go the sorbo route, seems to have less problems and higher quality control, wow what a frustrating morning!

Is this on fixed handle squeegees as well or just the Wags? What’s your weather like? Really cold weather can really mess up the rubber on glass.

I have a brand new combi i wanted to try out, i tried it also on fixed and contour handles and no luck, how close are you guys cutting the rubbers to the channel ends? bc im cutting like this. it was gloomy outside and a lil light drizzle, the rubber also acted the same way on nice climate days, im in california

I have used Sobo for years and still feel its the best.

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What leads you to believe the problem is the rubber?

Ettore is known as the best and highest quality by far. Thats why I ask.

Have you used it before?

Is it from the same batch?

If you bought it from us let me know and Ill see about getting you an Ettore replacement. Let me know


a very used piece of rubber i have works better than a brand new piece, the new pieces seem to catch on the glass, i thought it was the gg4 so i bought gg glide to add to it but only made the issue worse, i went back to gg4 and ecover for the slip. Im going to order some black diamond also. Ive only used the ettore master rubber and noticed that there not as easy to slide through the channels either


I guarantee the rubber is NOT the issue. You have dog eared your Wags (not a criticism, I did it also and now use Liquidators). If the dog ear is too close to the rubber on a solid channel the drag is inevitable until the new blade (burns in), that’s why you’re having no issues with the old rubber.

In a very early video of Waggas he addresses this very issue. The dog ear has to be pedantically set. Not too much nor too little. I see you’re using Waggas ‘split’. When looking down on the blade/dog ensure that the bend in is still free and not touching the rubber. Also the split bend down should still allow about 1-1.5 mm from bottom of channel to bottom of blade.

Remember that if you’ve changed your brand of rubber then the ‘dog-ear’ will probably need to be adjusted as all rubbers have fractional differences and are normally optimised for the manufacturers own channels

Finally GG4 added to eCover I’ve found lessens the slip not increases it. To add slip to eCover I add IPA (isopropyl alcohol).

To ensure that it’s NOT the rubber. Use a standard Ettore Squeegee to test it. After all for the last century that’s what they were designed to be used in…

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I have not had issues with lines, but notice that often, a new Ettore rubber is super grabby out of the box. As soon as any part of the rubber contacts dry glass, it’s like someone slammed on the brakes.


Do Ettore rubbers need to be soaked in a soapy solution before using? I am curious because I am going to experiment with some Ettore on my Liquidator.

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Thanks my man for the tips on the dog ear, ill readjust the angle and lie and sees if that helps, yes indeed the new ettore rubber is grippy when out of the box

Try straitening the dogear (Where bent forward)
This way you still have the height as shown in the third picture.
Still giving you pressure on the ends.

I’ll say this: after going all Liquidator channels this year, with both Moerman and Ettore rubber, I have very few problems.
However, when I switch to an Ettore brass channel with Ettore rubber the thing grabs all over the place… weird, which leads me to speculate that the problem is a weight issue. The Liquidator channel is light as a feather and the brass channel is heavy…

Also, I feel that the way the sharp point of the Liquidator slides along the fan arc helps alleviate grab… I could be wrong about this.

The rubber IS the issue. Ettore has screwed up their packaging. They used to have talc on the rubber, but they now have something that grips the window.

I still use Ettore, but I keep an extra sleeve that has baby powder in it. Put a new rubber in there, toss, and use.

Or soak it in soap for a day.


Aw man guys i think we solved the issue, i bent the dog ear a lil more up and it seemed to put less pressure, the squeegee was like night and day! No streaks, easy glide and no detailing! Thanks everyone for the quick advice, im gonna fo back to that shop tomorrow am and redo the windows


Glad it all worked out for you.

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Modifications. I had the same problem but didn’t blame the rubber. Loyal Ettore fan for many many years so I figured it had to be me and my modifications.


I am intrigued about this powder that hasnt been in the packages lately, should i powder cornstarch on them?