Impossible Window

Can you give me a hint as to what going on with this window?

  1. Pure water does not work.
  2. Squeegee and scrubbing not working.
  3. Scraping not working.
  4. Crystal clear not working after sever applications.

I have encountered bad hard water but nothing impossible to clean. This fog like dirt is on the surface and can be wiped away and then comes back.

Can someone tell me how to get this window clean.
Any help would be appreciated .

Probably exposed low e. Seems to disappear when damp and then comes back after dry?

Not fixable. Needs to be replaced.


Wait, couldn’t he recondition the window?

Is it possible you had a reaction with the tin side of the glass using the CC550? Some times, if the tin side is exposed and you use CC550 it will react with the tin and haze the glass. Of you are not familiar with this effect it often seems like the glass gets worse with each application of CC 550. If this is the case nothing will remove the haze accept polishing it out with a go pound and low speed buffer. There are other possibliloties as to what is going on but this is a strong possibility since you said you got it with CC550. Is it a newer or older window? Of newer then it might be glass with a coating.


Old window, high up with nothing around. The first time I tried to clean the window I could tell the past window cleaners left soap all over the glass with the sun beating into it all day. They must have used something bad along with their bad technique.

I have never encountered a window like this. It’s just 1 window.

I guess it’s time to ask the suppliers about a alternate to crystal clear. The stuff never failed me before. Thanks for the input.

Sounds like it is between the pane problem Not a surface problem.

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If there was a screen on it there could have been some “screen etching” or “screen burn” due to aluminum oxidation. That stuff is hard to get off I usually recommend customers switch to nylon screens and remove all screens on windows they never open or even remove all screens during the winter.

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I have seen this with screen problems like you mentioned. Also with chalking from frames. Old windows or ones that have not been cleaned in 10 years are pretty hard generally, to get the “gunk” off. I HATE frame/screen contamination issues.