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Seo is not my strong suit. For the past several years I have relied on outside (local) web agencies to handle our seo efforts. The results have not been acceptable for the amount we have invested. I have decided to look into hiring someone to handle all our seo, ppc, site updates in house. What I am unsure of is the list of qualifications I need to require. In the past it seems I have worked with a team of people - copy writers, code writers, people writing blogs and press releases, people creating back links, etc. Is it possible or common to find one person to handle all aspects of seo? If the person could not do design, that would be ok…really looking for site optimization. If anyone more familiar with seo could help with a list of qualifications, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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I do all the SEO work for my own sites with a little bit of self taught knowledge and help from googles webmaster section.

You dont need qualifications… and if someone tells you they can guarantee you something about a page/site rank - back away they are telling you a load of BS!

You might want to check out [MENTION=600]Njones[/MENTION] if you want advice.

If you are in a larger market, which I am sure you are, you need to have at least as many citations as your competitors. It’s not hard to get them, but it can be time consuming.
Blogging helps, if you use relative and unique content.

IMO, when you rely on someone else for something this important, you probably will never get satisfactory results. SEO is like medical science. The money is not in the cure, but the treatment.

Once you get to page one, there is not a lot you generally have to do, to stay there. The hard part is getting to page one.

I’m not saying there are not HONEST and good SEO people out there, but they are hard to find.

SEO is a tricky field - but for window cleaners its often simplified because you genuinely have very little local competition and a limited geographical scope, so you’re targeting very specific keywords. For even a large company I doubt the design & SEO work would take more than 15 hours a month after initial setup is complete, so it seems a bit overkill to hire someone specifically to do it inhouse?


Hmmm, I might be interested in some SEO work

personally I hate paid SEO - but there are times when you can’t wait for organic rankings to grow. I’ve heard good reports about his guy, though I’ve never used him myself:
Rignesh Kapadiya -

I will never recommend ANYONE except Anya Curry from Ambidextrous Services.

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What are her rates?

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I’m a premier member.

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How much do you think your website provides monthly for your company?

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Probably over 50% I’d imagine,

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wow, that’s like eleventy billion dollars, right?

do you get a discount as a wcra member?

I don’t think so on the internet marketing, but I know you do on the web design.

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Thanks Larry, their seo prices are pretty good and good to know a company

If you don’t have extra money, you could easily do the seo yourself. There is definitely a learning curve, but like learning anything else, if you persist, you will get the hang of it.

Two years ago I moved to Cape Cod to start my window cleaning business. I tried targeting some nearby towns on the South Shore below Boston as an SEO experiment on how wide a net I could cast with blogging. I wrote a very keyword dense but unique blog about the history of a certain South Shore town and I also mentioned that my window cleaning company serviced this area.

Within a couple of months, I was ranked number 2 for: “this south shore town” + the keywords “window cleaning” and I picked up a few nice jobs right on the waterfront just from Google searches.

The town was an hour and 15 min away, so after my business on Cape Cod started to pick up, I deleted those pages because I was tired of driving long distances.

So, I know personally that writing a few articles isn’t all that hard and has great results. However, the Google algorithms have changed since that time.

Google isn’t as obsessed with Keywords anymore. It wants to see unique content, traffic, and a lot of local connections. These could be a lot of facebook likes, backlinks from local businesses, backlinks from a local newspaper writing an article about your business, forum backlinks, google reviews, yelp reviews, angies list reviews etc etc etc

Seo has become a very multi-pronged strategy. You need to have a lot of pans on the stovetop, so to speak.

But, just like building an awesome town in sim city, it’s just a game that takes time to grow and develop.

If you did nothing else but a facebook page and a simple website and then started getting as many Google and Yelp reviews as you could by doing really excellent work and asking the customers if they would write a review for you, you would start to dominate local seo.

Google has started placing a very high emphasis on authentic reviews. It’s almost as if Google is becoming the new Better Business Bureau. They will promote businesses with high customer satisfaction over companies with lower customer satisfaction.

Google’s software is so advanced, they can detect phony reviews based on sentence structure, language used, punctuation etc

I think it’s a waste of time trying to cut corners and game the system. If you just establish a lot of local connections in your community, take a lot of pictures of the jobs you do and tag them on your website, get a lot of reviews, then you’ll do fine and have a good web presence.