In need of help about cleaning see through vinyl graphics on windows

I’m recently new on this site, and read about a lot of your interesting techniques on different application.

I live in Quebec, Canada and I need your help about the best technique to clean see through vinyl graphics on windows of a commercial building I plan to bid on. The customer has no laminate on it, so it’s basically only the perforated vinyl. The problem is dirt stays in the little holes and when washed with some kind of soap, you can see ugly streaks for the inside. Can you help me with this PLEASE ???

Also for the same job, what product can I use on winter time (here it get around -25C) in order to not harm the vinyl but still can clean on cold days ???

Thanks a lot for your help in advance,

You might stop by a graphics shop and ask what they recommend.

Those are a PITA! When I was still canvassing storefront I would walk past the shops that had those.

6 years ago I had a client with those graphics. I would squeegee them then buff them with a microfiber. Sounds time consuming but it worked.

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Thanks for your help guys… isn’t there any thing that works for you for those situation?

Anyone have an updated best practice on cleaning this type of window graphic? Apparently, the guys in marketing never ran this by the guys in window cleaning…

Same sentiment here, pita, and same advice on cleaning.

Let your customer know they are just to much and then mop them and squeegee them. I keep an 18 inch channel with a worn out rubber just for those sons of bitches . Better yet sell the owner in removing that crap and who better for the job?

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