In the field adjustment

[B][SIZE=“2”]So you find yourself on a job and you need a 0-degree handle, you can’t leave the job to go purchase one. Your doing a house with 20 sky lights.

It’s a 0-degree or you ladder it on the inside…what can you do ? Laddering will be much harder and and time consuming…Plus working around many obstacles inside with your ladder. You need a 0-degree squeegee handle…

Now if you have a basic brass or stainless squeegee handle, whether it be Ettore, Steccone, Unger, Pulex, you can reconfigure the handle to a 0-degree with a little in the field adjustment !

[SIZE=“2”]These first 3 photos are a basic squeegee handle that can be used ![/SIZE]

[SIZE=“2”]This is a standard Ettore squeegee with a 45 degree angle…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=“2”]These next four pictures show all you need to do to flatten your basic handle into a 0-degree. You can do it on the pavement but having a small perch like the wood I’m using helps to flatten the handle ![/SIZE]

[SIZE=“2”]Now you want to work it and not do it in one push…That way you won’t go to far and you’ll be able to manage the flattening. So push then check it, then push and check it again and keep up the process until you reach the perfect 0-degree configuration ! [/SIZE]

[SIZE=“2”]Your finished the 0-degree handle…Now sometime you can use a pair of pliers to help in the reconfiguration at this point if needed ! By making adjustment and to help adjust the separate brass plate that holds the channel on ! [/SIZE]

[SIZE=“2”]These next 3 photos are a comparison between the original 45 degree handle and the handle reconfigured/flatten from 45-degree to now a 0-degree ![/SIZE]

[SIZE=“2”]So this is the way you can have a 0-degree handle in the field if you need one. Now if your able to buy one, the Unger 0-degree works great and it has a adjustable swivel handle ! Now buying one is a better process. If though your stuck in the field and you need one…It can be had with a little jury-rigging ![/SIZE]

[SIZE=“2”]Dangerous Dave / With…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=“2”]Oh a tid-bit…Rolling Pacific NW legacy…[/SIZE]

Nice work Dange! Thanks for posting the how to.
Did I just read that you were promoting an Unger product? Hmm…“Sons of Ettore” may be a little upset with you…lol


Thanks, I like sharing !

Now " Son Of Ettore " isn’t about using only Ettore tools…Even though I do use Ettore when it comes to the Squeegee and the rubbers !

It’s about the walk and knowledge of a Window Cleaner and how it is applied and where it is attained !

I’m planning on a thread about “Sons of ETTORE”…I’m thinking it through so I’ll be able to be clear on my dialog and not to long , maybe 10,000 words…LOL!

Someday it will pop up !

Dange / The Reconfigurer

Yo Nate…Umpqua, Oh Yeah !



10,000 words???!!! That would be Dangerous

It’s gotta be the leather hat!

My clumsy a$$ is probably going to ruin all my handles attempting to do this today… much to the probable delight of ShopWCR lol

Or you can simply buy one of these <a href=“” target=“_top”><img src=“” alt=“” title=“” width=“220” height=“220” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” /> and have either a standard or zero degree handle all in one.

Where’s the fun in that, Tony?

You do know that making this modification probably voids the warranty.:smiley:

Just call me Buzz Killian. :stuck_out_tongue:

Old school 0 degree = flip the channel.

No need to void warranty :smiley:

Hey Troy…

Actually that would be a minus 45 degree, and I used it that way before but only in a major pinch once or twice. You still couldn’t get an easy glide with it that way, it would be sort of like wearing your cowboy boots on the wrong feet…


Hey Bobby…

I know your just joking…

Really though it’s not going brake the handle unless you over flatten it. Your making an in the field decision to utilize the handle as a 0-degree.

The handle only cost $6.50 so no worry about any kind of warranty. I mean your readjusting in order to complete a job…

The 0-degree squeegee you see in the middle of the 3 photos in this post is a 0-degree squeegee that I’ve been using for over 10 years. The only thing different are the rubbers I change, I carry it in my belt on just about every job !

A very simple process that creates a super duty squeegee, give it a try you might find it quite pleasing !

Dange / Scoping the Range

Hey Dange,
I bet you learned how to make a zero degree squeegee out of a brass handle before we could even buy them from a supplier. Do you remember converting brass squeegee handles so they’d hold a one and a half inch pocket scraper. That way we could use the scraper on the end of our poles. No six inch scrapers with handles that go on the end of a pole back in the day either. Sorry, but your post just brought back some old memories. :slight_smile:

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Hey Mike…

Let’ see…About 26 years ago I came up with this design, I had a stair well with the window about 6’ from the landing rail . I’ve used one ever since,when needed. I also came with a ledger type handle to do higher mullions on windows with transoms…I came up with that one around the same time, but it’s retired now since the ledger came out !

The first triumph scraper I ever used was around 28 years ago but it wasn’t designed for a pole. It was a couple years later that I was able to buy one to fit on a pole.

Your idea with a pocket scraper on you squeegee handle is ingenuity at the high speed turn Mike ! Were going to have get that cup of coffee some day Bro !

No need to be sorry Mike your my friend. I like it when people share their ideas, thoughts, past and present walk as a [B]CLEANER,[/B] innovations and processes, new technique, old technique, also their greetings, recognition and involvement. We’re a community and everyone is here to listen share and be involved in one way or another !

So then please…Yawl be safe while working ! God bless !

Dave Dangerous / Advanced Cleaner

Or you could just buy a ledger handle that will last forever.

Hey Jake

Yep your right, I have the ledger but it sits in my tool box now about 355 days a year because I’ll use the wagtail angle arm.

I also have an Unger 0-degree that I’ve bought and use !

I’m only sharing what one can do in a pinch and they need to make a quick adjustment to fulfill a process that they are unable to with a regular squeegee and they just might realize that it will serve you every where !

Another point here is to be open to innovation. To new ideas encourage others to generate new ideas…ergo the Ettore squeegee. Ettore Steccone re-design the basic squeegee we all use today ! I’m sure others told him to just stick with the Chicago you can just buy it !

Also the strip washer t-bar and sleeve…When it came out [B]CLEANERS[/B] were using the Boar hair brush and they all thought it was stupid, but today it is the standard of the industry.

So my point is be ready to be innovative and learn from others and share with others. One of the main walks of being a “SON OF ETTORE” is to be a problem solver, especially in the field where the rubber meets the pavement, retention of information gives you a better ability to solve problems !

Being like those [B]CLEANERS[/B] who rejected the strip washer only puts themselves as part of the herd who the Native American could run over the bluff and then butcher em to eat…Step out of the box and see the forest for the trees !

Dangerous Dave

[B][SIZE=“3”]Wagtail Angle Arm…[/SIZE][/B]

The pocket scraper on a pole idea wasn’t mine. I borrowed the idea from some old timers working my area. They took the backplate off a brass squeegee handle and folded the handle over a scraper and drilled a hole for a nut and bolt to hold everything together. This was in the dark ages 1976. Wooden poles, round hogs hair brushes, leather chamois and sea sponges were still in fashion. $2.50 was the going rate for a regular storefront exterior, four big panes and a door.

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Flipping the channel works with a few different types of squeegees, not all. I think you want ones where the blade is held in place by the handle. People will simply need to check and see if it works with what they are using.

That is it ! Dangerous is the name…Words are what put things within Range !

Dave the Phish Kellar…


Ha! You are old school!

I have the same thing. All my fixed handles are custom bent.

I can show you all how to make a zero degree sorbo too!