Indoor WFP - I'm new to the Industry


I was wondering about recommendations for cleaning 2nd story windows on the inside a home without having to bring a ladder inside the house. I just recently read about WFP is that the best solution for those windows. I looked at the Unger SuperClean and Stingray, in addition, I saw IPC has the Hydro.

Also if using an indoor WFP do you use chemicals (I know the stingray has a chemically pouch) or just pure water?


Short answer: No.

Using a WFP indoors is not practical unless you are cleaning in an area that will tolerate a good dousing.

The Unger stingray was made for high-access indoor use. Though I’ve no experience with it personally, others seem to like it.


no stingray doesn’t go very high. 10 feet, so not enough for 18 or 19 foot ceilings


Duct tape it to an extension pole?


actually i have been thinking of buying just the unit and making a mod to put it on my reach it mini.


Duct tape is a good mod.


So is the best method for cleaning those high windows inside is to just just bring a ladder inside?

Yes, ladder them


or pole with pads


…Unless you suck at pole work over 10’ like me…


so do i but i’m talking about unger or other pads pads not squeegee.

The Unger speed cleaning kit will fit any water fed pole so you can do as high on the inside as your water fed pole will reach.

Mix the spray bottle with 50-50 pure water and alcohol


what kind of alcohol do you use?


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So the Stingray is only useful for windows within the 10’ range; I have been looking at adding this tool for some tall interior windows to eliminate setting up my extension ladder inside, guess ladder is my best bet - the reach is taller than 10’. Danged architects - maintenance is seldom considered with design. :-/

same here, from what i understand it’s already pretty noodly at 10 and not recommended for additional length. that’s not enough for the 2 story high ceilings many homes here have.

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Yea, a lot of money to put out for the limits of it’s use. I have a few jobs that it would be mostly ideal for, but being too flexi at length I would rather just do ladder sets.

Edit: Anybody using this tool for maximum reach? How do you rate it?

So don’t use or buy the Stingray. Just get the rectangular pads as John suggested. UNlimited uses!


I have the Unger Indoor Kit and find it useful, wasn’t sure if the new fancy set was worth it - apparently not at full length perhaps. Maybe next year Unger will produce a stiffer pole.

Gary, how often do you use it?

What’s the life of the chemical pouch in the machine, is it good if not used for a while.