Input on outside window only

Was ask for to bid on this bank I counted 42 window front to back thinking about asking $175. It will take me about 2hr bank manager wants services every 3 months services

What input would you like? Are you thinking pricing input?

Pricing think about telling 175

Depends on how busy you are. I wouldn’t touch that for less than $250, probably more. But if $175 is what it takes to be worth your while, then go for it.

I have a KeyBank that gets done biannually. Not quite twice the work as pictured above, that I do for $550.

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Not for me to tell you what to charge. Doesn’t look like a bad little commercial job 4 times a year for 175. After the first initial cleaning you will shave off 1/3 of the time spent (and possibly faster than that, just like any job— you WILL find out ways to knock off time).

Hope you get it!