Insane Gas Prices

[COLOR=Black]I’m sitting here looking at my P&L and my fuel costs are up 138% over last year and overall profit is down 32% even though revenue is up over same period. Not good.[/COLOR]

Instead of driving around, you should stop every once in a while and clean some glass.

And I just read that big oil is posting record 1st quarter profits.

Those guys…!

[COLOR=black] There’s a thought…[/COLOR]

I just filled my tank up today, I only paid $3.99 per gallon, it feels good spending money

is gas chewing into your profit that much? what the heck are you driving? how big of an area do you service?

Is gas responsible for the loss, or is it in combination with something else?

Gas will only rise, you need to do something to plug that hole

Anyone want to buy a dodge ram? $106.00 to fill up the other day.

The tacomas are great on gas though.

$1.30 (CAD) a liter here in North Bay. cost me over $75.00 to fill my Montana’s tank. But you know what? millions of Canadians still spend $1.25 or more on a small cup of coffee, so really, is gas that expensive? or where we just used to getting it dirt cheap before?

I am glad i didn’t buy a V-8 powered 4x4 truck last year fro my business. Guys in this area are selling trucks left and right, im assuming its because they can’t afford to run them anymore.

If gas is really affecting your profit. Then you should be raising your prices, but not telling the customers its because of the price of gas. Also you should be looking for ways to become more efficient in the use of gas. I’m considering doing more cold calling for getting new jobs instead of driving around.

You should also look to scale back on use of gas. I’m selling my honda odyssey minivan and I’m going to get a honda civic because for commercial work I didn’t really need the minivan, and I was paying too much for gas.

It’s really unfortunate what the price of gas is now, but we got to adapt to the changing times we are living in. Otherwise one day we may be out of business or working to hard to make pennies. Besides some predit the price of gas will go above $200 a barrell.

When I did my budget for 08 … I planned on gas hitting 5 bucks a gallon by July…

[COLOR=black]It’s not all fuel related CFP, but gas expense is seriously eating into profit. I can’t raise prices enough to cover that big of a jump. I have raised prices this year and people are thinking twice about having things done. Wednesday, I had a customer put off her yearly power washing and gutter cleaning and opt for only windows because of cost. I lost $350 on that decision.

It’s not all doom and gloom, but it is a serious consideration.

Smart budget margin, Chris. Very.

And…I paid [B]$127 to fill up[/B] my Ford F-250 today. Should last about 4-5 days.

At the end of the day, I think we all need some perspective on this whole thing…its not really a big deal.

Assuming that last year you spent $50/wk on gas, even if your gas prices double, it’ll only be $10/day more. Chill out, don’t panic, and get smart about finding more work, and you won’t care if gas triples.


It’s been ~$125 for my E-350 lately…

Amen, Kevin!

WOW!!! The more i hear about these gas guzzler’s some of you have the happy i am i have Toyota Tacoma’s Baby:D Heck…my average gas bill is around 350.00 per month for both rigs (give or take)

Plus…i have everything but the kitchen sink on all of them,can do anything up to 3 stories in either rig;)

Good advice though on selling more gigs and not hitting the panic button!

The high price to fill up is a fuel capacity thing, not a consumption thing.

I love my E-350 and am not complaining about the price of fuel – it’s the cost of doing business. Try towing a 7K trailer with that Tacoma.

P.S. I love Toyotas – I’ve had about ten to date (currently two.)

I hear ya about the tow capacity of course…like i mentioned i have NO need for a trailer as both my rigs are pimped & ready to go up to 3 stories.

It’s nice having that added power no doubt! You can have whatever you want in life as long as your willing to pick up the Tab;)

In the UK it costs over £1.00 per litre. - That’s $2.00 per litre!

Average hourly rate for a window cleaner in the UK I would say is around £20 - £25 per hour ($50 per hour)

In Italy where I am its just as bad - around €1.50 per liter.

Too late…over $9 per gallon here.

WHAT?!!! That is ludicrous.

We have been spoiled here in the US for a long time…