Inserting a PM button

Hey guys. I have a suggestion. Sometimes instead of replying to a topic, I want to PM the person with something either sensitive (don’t want the competition to know about) or slightly unrelated to the topic.

On NWCD, you can click PM when replying to a topic, and send the person a PM. But here, to the best of my knowlege (except if you hit the quicklink) you got to go in Private messages, click send new message, click the person you want to speak to, and then write the subject and reply). Why don’t you insert that button (by the other green buttons), so when replying, you can PM the person if necessary.

Mike NWCD uses different software than us… with Vbulletin that link is not available. But what you can do is just click the persons name and you wil see this:

You can Pm or email right from there.

Hope this helps.

it helps.