Inside Elevator cleaning

We are doing a Office building in a few weeks.
Got a call from the property manager and they told me they need the inside glass cleaned on the elevator .They are sending out the elevator company out to take the elevator out so we can clean the inside glass its 3 stories tall of glass.
Anyone have ideas on how to clean this. Thanks in advance.

Ride on top of the elevator??

I think That would be your only option if you didn’t have highrise gear. Not sure how safe. I don’t think I would recommend it, however, if you do, please record it on video and share!!

I have cleaned the inside of these. No big deal. Have them send the elevator to the basement. Have a janitor with you to open the doors. They have a small hole in the upper corners of the outside of the doors, that he/she should have a key for. Step out onto the top of the elevator and tie off with a harness. The elevator will have a control panel on the top of it. Very easy to use. Push one button, go up, push the other go down. Have the janitor lock off the doors so no one can use the thing. Its a little nerve racking at first but then it’s fun. We no longer clean this account cause they got to be a pain the butt. They would call and want the things cleaned next day. Then they started hagling on price. We charged $1000.00 for the insides. I have some pics but not many cause they always wanted it cleaned in the morning. Sun light was killing the camera angle. But I have one of my guy bending over to work the controls.

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I wasn’t aware elevators operated in this manner. Better call the elevator co. and tell them to hold off!! Save you some cash and a lot of headache!

Yeppers, ride the elevator. I have done it this way for years

I have done this before riding on top of the elevator. We coordinated our window cleaning with the elevators routine maintenance. The elevator technician controlled the up and down for me while he checked the fluids, cables, and what not. Also, the technician was able to lock all the doors and had safety signs to warn the public that the elevator was out of order.

Thanks guys for all your help i will let you know how it went in a few weeks.

We have an account like this, you need to have an elevator guy with you, add it into your invoice, or tell the client to contact the elevator company, it may be included in their maintenance contract.

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just make sure the elevator guy operating the controls from atop does not smell like booze. and bring an extra bucket of water and mop. gonna have to clean them twice. a lot of movement and lubrication is going on in that shaft…elevator shart of course.

Great share. Just a question, isn’t it too dangerous to do that way? What are the precautionary measure you did when doing that project?

I have tried alot of differnet cleaning techniques to clean the elevator but before i came along and took this job someone had to have put something on this because you can’t get it to clean streak free does anyone have any idea that would help.