Inside Pure water Cleaning?

Hi WCR fans, Now that I have a WFP and can make pure water, I am looking to use pure water where ever possible to save time and improve the quality of window cleaning.
I recently heard that some are now using the Pure water for inside work as well. I am not talking about the misting tool and drying pads that I have seen on WCR for inside lightly dirty sheets of glass. I am wondering about the french cut ups and old soft metal lead divided glass. I have a house job coming up soon that has the diamond shape lead dividers inside & out and the outside also has an additional single sheet storm glass that is on a hinge like a door (even on the second story). Does anyone use pure water on these last two styles inside and if so then how do you do it step by step to get great results.
For example do you start with a spray bottle and if so what towel, microfiber or sponge do you use that does not contaminate the water,etc. I have done this same job before a few years ago with glass gleam and have worn sore my fingers trimming out as the lady is very particular about all the little corners being well trimmed and so forth.

Similar shape glass in pic.
Thanks for your help!
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You could mix pure water and isopropyl alcohol 50/50 in a spray bottle. Wet the glass and wipe down w/ a good microfiber towel. We use a quality microfiber towel and SprayWay foaming glass cleaner. Spray the glass w/ the cleaner then wipe down w/ the microfiber.

I have started using pure water on leaded glass when possible. By that I mean when I am doing the interior as well so that I can have my employee ready to catch any leaks. They can be really solid with no water seeping through, but they can also be very bad. In that case, you have to be very gentle in the scrubbing so as not to damage them. When it works, man, they look beautiful.
The interiors, I would use a spray bottle and a scrim. I haven’t done this often enough to say whether it works perfectly, but that’s where I am heading now.
Hope this helps.

What does the isopropyl alcohol do for the mix with pure water? Does it dry the glass faster or does the pure water need help since we can’t final rinse on the inside?
I noticed you chose the SprayWay instead of pure water, is it better or just your prefered chioce?
Sorry for all the questions but I am learning as I go,Thanks Tony

The house that I will be doing again soon has some of the windows bowing outward in a bowl shape as the soft lead diamonds has allowed them to warp out like an old board. Therefore even if I did not have the storm glass on hinges that swing open on the outside I would be nervous about the volume of water with a WFP and just the pressure of my 18 foot or so of heavy Tucker pole pressing the brush against it. Thanks for your reply!

Yes the alcohol helps with the drying, the sprayway also has a high alcohol content but the foam clings to the glass pretty well. Thats one of the reasons we use sprayway on interiors of smokers windows.

Exactly what Jay said Matt!

Thanks Jay & Tony I will have to try the 50% 50% mix, I have some french doors at my own house and the grand kids made them ready for the dirty test.

Could you guys break the inside cleaning of french down a little bit. I don’t get it. Sounds like you’re spraying the french “with the above solution” then wiping it with a scrim/towel/whatever - How is this faster than with a short channel squeeg ? I’m pretty fast with french, and know for me it’s quicker than the times I’ve used the wet/dry.

I must be missing something, please esplain Lucy!!


Hey Justin, So as Ricky Ricardo says, Lucy you got some splanin to do!
If you will notice my original long winded thread was referring to the leaded glass cut ups, some are odd and small shapes like triangles & diamonds. Sometimes the soft lead lets the window bow in or out like bowl shape. I have a picky customer that looks for trim out errors.
So that was why I was looking to get quick and efficient advice for cleaning these.

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This is the house above that has an outside hinged storm and the odd shape leaded glass in the stationery window, have to climb the ladder here, the WFP can’t unlatch and open the swinging storms!
Younger ones are probably saying ,“Who is this Ricky Ricardo”

Oh, ok - my bad…

LOL you’re probably right about the Ricky Ricardo :slight_smile:

no worries

Does the alcohol corrupt the pure water. If you make a mistake, won’t there be impurity left over?

No. I use isopropyl in my pure water back pack w/ no issues. The alcohol evaporates with no ill effects.