Insider Reveals The Ugly Truth

I found this as I searched “window cleaning” on google.

Who doesn’t love ugly truths?.. I do love the name capture technique

here is his other web page

so what are they selling?

I am sure some “system” or newsletter

I was going to sign up just to see what he is really trying to sell, but I did not care enough to.

I am not his target anyway

ahh, the information age…

This guy has a ton of blogs on every subject. Obviously using all the links to his advantage.

I hope he is making good money with all the time he spends building up his search results…

Who is Tanner Larson???

He says 70% of two income homes use a proffesional window cleaner.

He also states that window cleaning is a $10billion a year industry.

Says who?? Where are these numbers coming from?

I hope Tanner is ready for some legal fun.

He’s ripped off his website design from a VERY serious internet marketer. Perhaps I’ll drop him a blog comment about it.

Check it out:

Regarding Tanner’s secret reports and stuff, I subscribed to them by email for a while, and he kept asking me to pay him for videos of the swirl method, like 10 times. It got really annoying, so I unsubscribed.

His “info” had negligible substance at all, just promo stuff, unless he’s revamped it, that is…constant sales pressure, with little to none in the way of valuable content.

One thing I notice is that he does not really talk about showing us how to make big bucks. Just basic tricks of the trade type of things.

Maybe he is pizzed off because he spent so much time mastering the super swirl that he forgot to go get some business…

Do you find any value in the Mass Control model?[/COLOR]

Yeah, Steve.

Watch all the videos, if you can.

This is seriously powerful marketing strategy.

Did you sign up?
I think this was more an internet marketing scheme.
I can see where you get some of your stuff now though :slight_smile:

Thx KarlosDaze, for the compliment.

To be honest, these videos are brand new (maybe 2-3 weeks old only), so I haven’t really been implementing what I’ve learned YET.

I did sign up for the email information, yes. I have not signed up for the course at $2,000 + $297/mth after that, no.

Wish I could, but can’t at this moment.

Simply watching the videos with a notepad and pen will instantly elevate anyone’s marketing intelligence though, so I recommend that everyone block out some time and check out what he has to say, for sure.

Marketing is marketing. With a little creativity, principles can easily be migrated across totally different platforms (i.e. internet vs. print)


In summary explain to me how mass control works and how it can help a window washing business?

Mass control basically teaches that exposing prospects to messages in multiple types of media, multiple times, and just the right way for each kind of media, will powerfully affect their inclination to buy your window cleaning services.

Kind of like how a person at a dinner party will talk one way and yet at a seminar, they’ll act/speak a different way. People act and respond in different ways in different environments.

People also respond much more readily to your marketing messages when they have been communicated across [I]various media platforms[/I] (i.e. sales letter, audio, pdf download, video, etc)

[INDENT][I]Figure it all out, and you always say the most powerful message, the most powerful way, at the most powerful time to your prospective window cleaning customer.[/I][/INDENT]

Marketing is marketing.

This stuff is for the more serious students of the game.

[B]Another way to understand it:[/B]

[INDENT]As you read this post that I just wrote, in response to your question, you are taking my advice and input seriously, since you and I have at least some semblance of a relationship, both of us being members of this window cleaning forum.

If I was sending you a direct mail piece, and you had never heard of me, I would have to say the same things in a much different way to achieve the maximum effect.

Know what I mean? My comments here are received one way, because you are in an especially receptive frame of mind. Receiving an unsolicited direct mail letter finds you in a much more guarded, cautious mindset, and so the direct mail piece must be developed differently to be effective.

So this is why they say you should have 7 streams of marketing at all times.

They being… i don’t know… i just read it somewhere. But it makes total sense.

Repetition is the key.

These new terms like “Mass Control” and these marketers that put up sites promising to show “new” techniques make me giggle a bit. There are tons of guys with THE greatest new marketing system available, for just huge sum of cash.

Why do people bite on these old hat/new name techniques?

Mainly desperation. Do we think that successful copywriters read this guys new technique and say “kickass!” or do you think they roll their eyes and wait 3 months as it is gone, only to be rehashed again a month later under a different term.

I really do not see the value here as it is nothing new. Not only that, this statement here is laughable-


The reason I say this is because all of the copywriting “strategies” you’ve ever been taught are based on communication techniques that were used before the Internet.

They’re based on direct mail, print ads, and so forth.

And you and I both know this to be true: Times have changed. The Internet is completely different than direct mail or other old fashioned ways marketers once used to reach their prospects.[/B]

People are people. The only thing that has changed is that they respond only to being direct with the message. Online is different only because people will spend less time clicking/scrolling than they will holding an interesting letter or ad.

Of course, this whole system is geared for the internet and would be a total waste for a window cleaner. It is product driven

Is paying $2k and $300 a month a rip-off? not if you don’t think so. But you may find yourself under Mass Control :rolleyes:

There you have it. Two divergent opinions.

I don’t think this stuff is “latest and greatest” by any means, either, but it still has substantial value.

Some books on marketing from the 1920’s or earlier still have enormous value in today’s marketplace. And some brand new writing does, too, this being an example.

It would be a mistake in my estimation for a small window cleaning business owner to dismiss it all as useless for window cleaning marketing, but, alas, this is my opinion only.

Do as you wish. Don’t let others decide for you.

Yup - but why choose only seven?

I would have 500 streams of marketing if I could properly manage it with my current assets.

And the messages of each stream should also ideally be optimized for each medium and market, too, for maximum effect. That’s the “Mass Control” model too.

Anyway…I digress…there are not enough moments in the day to talk about all this fascinating and profitable stuff…

A did see that this Frank Kern used to give seminars on expanding your business that were not internet related. And I think you were right paneless - glean what you can going through the video’s with pen & paper. Got to admit it was uplifting stuff & I can relate to most of it, although I think the give away freestuff were ebooks or something similar.
Just received this in my email as well:

This guy has the added benefit that if you don’t take him up on the offer - he’ll probably slit your throat :slight_smile:
Its all worth browsing through, I think there are a few video’s tucked away in there as well.
I’m not a big fan of marketing, but we all do it at some time or another. As I don’t like the pushy approach I think the “mass control” has something in it. Get the client to want you to do the job more than the other way around. Psychology maybe, but every little trick is good to know, even if its you on the receiving end.

Actually Kevin… I was just trying to get you going lol

You handled it like a pro.

I am not a Frank Kern fan, but so what


Kevin is someone I consider that has an equal passion with marketing as I (and possibly one of the best in this biz)

I bust his balls because I can :cool: