Insurance question

how much is your company insured for?
is there an amount that commercial accounts usually want you to carry?

Get enough insurance to cover what you own.

Many commercial accounts require $1M or higher.

i bought some for $300,000. i guess i’ll just step it up to a mil. not that much more expensive

thanks for the reply

Is your equipment covered in your policy?

Mines not…

i just have liability

Yep. They required an itemized list for items $500 and greater.

whats the deductible?

would a claim be worth it?

it would be nice in the event of a pressure washer or pure water system getting stolen…

The endorsement is titled “Contractors’ Installation, Tools, and Equipment Coverage.” There are two extensions: 1) property at job sites, in transit, and at temporary storage locations, and 2) tools and equipment (specifics are for items $1K and >, not the $500 I mentioned previously.). I pay 1) $91 and 2) $144 additional premiums. One’s homeowners’ insurance won’t cover tools and equipment used for work.

Can’t find the deductible right now.

I bought a $600,000 Liability policy. I do only residential right now. I feel that is more than enough right now to cover any damage I might do at a clients home. Very few homes in thei area are that much if I was to destroy the entire home. Costs me about $500. a year.

Larry, are you kidding
are those prices for the whole year?

i pay $1000/yr, and have no equipment coverage…
can you PM me your insurance agents info, thanks

He mentioned “I pay 1) $91 and 2) $144 [B]additional premiums[/B]”.

2 mil here

Right now.

Me, too, please.


Wow insurance is high in y’all areas. Just started a company here in Memphis and I think it was around 350 for 1.000.000 liability and 100 for workman’s comp waiver. I was looking on here to see if 1.000.000 in coverage was enough to take on larger commercial work down the road. For those of you doing low rise work… how much coverage do you need for larger commercial accounts?