Insurance recommendations - Joseph D Walters

I’m setting up a new window cleaning business in California. I am looking for advice on insurance companies that cover scratched glass.

Does anyone out there have experience with Joseph D Walters or another insurance provider that they highly recommend?

Thanks for your input.

I am looking into the same thing, I am going to reach out to company that is on the WCRA member page. I know there are discounts for members, also they specialize in window cleaning business. Might not be a bad starting point for you.

Thanks for your input I will look into that as well

Do you mean Insuring the possibility of you scratching glass ?

The only portion of my Insurance that covers me messing up glass is the
" Care - Custody - Control Rider ". Mine was 5k and we upped it to 10K coverage. If you don’t understand what this means please query search field and read past post. There are valuable discussions regarding this topic.

A Short Example : Lets say we clean windows on a new house and scratch all the windows causing $50,000.00 in damages and they all need replaced. My Insurance would pay $10,000.00. I pay the balance of $40,000.00.
But… if I am cleaning windows on the same house, and one of my workers accidentally knocks over a space heater and the house burns down. My Insurance will build them a new house and cover all their expenses and my cost is limited to my deductible. Then they will promptly cancel my policy…LOL !

Lol, very insightful.:joy::joy:

I commend you on researching liability and Insurance before you start. But put as much ( or even more ) energy in learning about how glass gets scratched and make sure you move forward with a very clear ( no pun intended ) understanding of this topic. Again, search the forum for this and find great info. There is currently a very insightful discussion about Fabricating Debris happening on the Forum.

When you starting something new in business, taking care about insurance is an important part of getting started. It will cost you some, but will prevent you from paying more in insurance cases, so keep it in mind when you dealing with it. Also, you might check need anonymous auto insurance quotes