I’m new to the industry and have never cleaned windows before, yet alone run a business (though I know basics). I realize the importance of insurance, however, is it need when you first start on strip malls, and store fronts? Did you have it when you first started, from the beginning? How much does general liability insurance or business insurance run in Canada? 50? 100? 200? A ballpark is great. Thank you!

@cactus27 he’s on your side of the wall :wink: . Got any advice on insurance for him.

It’s not necessary (legally speaking) to carry it and not often requested by residential customers (only 2 customers asked for it in 4 years). BUT the first thing I get asked by managers looking for window cleaners is if we have insurance. If you want any commercial work, get it.

Any numbers I could give you would be skewed since insurance is kinda high here in California.

@artcdbooker I would like to get into commercial storefronts at first as I cannot reach residential homes at this time. Do you know how long the process takes start to finish for getting insurance? Could I be insured within a couple days of calling a broker?

In Minnesota at least and I believe most of the US it’s required when you operate a service based business you must be insured and there’s a minimum believe it’s $600,000 general liability.

Insurance is easy to get and can be process typically the same day.

It’s true that most commercial storefront and residential won’t even ask for your insurance but that doesn’t mean it’s not required.

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I realize that you’re in Minnesota, however, I assume you’d need to go in person to get it processed on the same day?

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i went through the broker for my house insurance.
the minimum coverage i could buy was for $50,000 worth of annual sales at 1 million coverage, and cost $500 per year. budget $500 for starting and you should be able to get it pretty quick.
i have to increase it for this year. but in canada we cannot get the kind of care and control coverage they can in the states. so if you drop your ladder on the customers car you can be covered if you brake the window your cleaning your not, but insurance is for big stuff.
where are you? i am in winnipeg.


@cactus27 I’m in southern Ontario. I don’t even plan on breaking near 50k. I’m just worried about protecting my name from the law as my business is my full name. Im worried about scratches that I may not even have made, but am blamed for; that kind of a thing. Which brokerage do you use?

Edit: how does the coverage not pertain to window damage?

as i said that was the minimum coverage available. i used ryan gateway but most brokers will find you liabilty.
it will not protect you from scratches or any damage you do to the things you are cleaning. (that is care and control, available in the states not in canada)
also the deductable will make any small claim not worthwhile and additionally if you actually use your insurance they will drop you.
insurance is for big stuff, the customers daughter tripped on your bucket fell down the stairs, suffered spinal injury and now requires life time care…THAT’s what insurance is for and thats why 1 million is not considered enough by large commercial clients.

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Thank you for the information. I’ll be looking for brokers in my area.