Insurence for a new bussines

Hi everyone, I like to get insured they offer me a window cleaning job as a subcontractor but I need to get insured also for my own clients when it get bussines I will needs to be insured. Any recommendations . I only do 1 and 2 stories. And I’m hoping to pay less than $100 a month. I believe the one I need is called General Liability Insurance. Btw I live in South Florida. I’ll apreciare Andy recomendaciones.

Thanks in advance,

Try this guy “Guy” at 973-726-9455 - I can’t say for sure if he covers Florida but I’ve never seen anyone cheaper.

Thank you so much!

Next insurance is good and easy to get online

As a new company, you may consider going through an insurance agent.

My recommendation is to get quotes from a few places before making a decision. If you switch after signing up with one, it can cost you money.

Progressive small business is also another company to consider. Great customer service with reps who are knowledgeable about commercial insurance.

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Copy that, thank you for the advice!