Interesting anecdote on setting prices

The author of the Dilbert comics has an excellent book in which he shares some of his strategies for success. This passage caught my eye because it reminds me of some of our discussions on pricing and the importance of presenting our prices with confidence:

I put the question to him: “What should I say is my price for speaking?” I told him that I would be perfectly happy to price myself out of the job. He said, “Ask for five thousand dollars. If they say no, you avoid a trip to Canada.” I laughed at his suggestion, knowing that I wasn’t worth that kind of money. But I had my plan. I practiced saying “five thousand dollars” until I thought I could say it without laughing. I called back my Canadian contact. That conversation went like this: Canadian: “Did you come up with a price?” Me: “Yes . . . five thousand dollars.” Canadian: “Okay, and we’ll also pay for your first-class travel and hotel.” I flew to Canada and gave a speech.

Btw, the book is called How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. Excellent read if you wanna check it out.


That’s a great phrase to quote Daniel!

I’m going to check out the book.

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Looks like a great read. Will be checking it out.

Nice quoting. I did not want to do the house…so, I said $800. They said,“When can you start?” Have been back three times. (Not for 800.) Thanks for sharing this. :open_mouth:

Why not?

One trip was to do glass fence. One trip to redo deck areas after 3 day “NorWester”. All paid.

a house that nice i probably wouldnt use their table too hold my stuff even if it was patio furniture. lol

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Oh, you mean like this? Yeah, I had permission. These are NICE people. There was sand everywhere, did not want to get sand caught up in my gear. :smirk: