Interesting towel holder


That is interesting. I wonder if it will wear the towels quicker?

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If you hit the same spot over and over. Im sure you will wear a hole in it eventually.
Im gonna have my lady sow magnets into the corners of my towels and just magnet the towel to my belt. Ill post pictures soon. The magnet is inside towel so no worry scratching the glass

That’s a lot of magnets.

I’m just thinking that I’ll use a huck until I can see daylight through it.


Eh. You can buy 35 for like $12ish on amazon. And when 1 of the towels is worn out. Take magnet out and sow into another…shouldnt be using more than. 35 towels lol (for a 1 man show)

Might be easier to attach a binder clip to the towel and a magnet to your belt or towel bag. Because sewing magnets into the towel would make washing them suck. With a binder clip just rip it off and wash or replace a dirty towel.

Don’t waste your money on “magnet” idea. Your way over thinking things.


Probably long term. But I believe a huck or scrims will use it’s life up before you see a wear results.

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I didnt think about washing lol tho they would only stick in 1 corner…the rest would wash fine ha

@wcs not over thinking. Thinking convience…to me its worth it to have it where i need it and not worry about it falling out into dirt or into a store and leaving it behind…(unless of course i miss the magnet and it falls anyways…)

I’m just trying to save you some time and money on the learning curve… Do you see any other window cleaners use magnet on/in there towels…Do you see manufacturers making towels like that…nope!


Cause im an innovator!!! :grin:

Thomas Edison didnt see anyone using lightbulbs but he invented 1 :wink:


Thomas Edison had a team of people working for him; their ideas were patented in his name. Thomas Edison thought Direct Current was a better way to distribute electricity than Alternating Current. Thomas Edison ripped off everyone, including Nikola Tesla. He also loved to electrocute elephants as a hobby/marketing scheme.:nerd:
Now, you wouldn’t want to go and hurt any elephants would you? Ha Ha Ha

Magnets stick to other magnets
Magnets stick to metal washing machines.
Magnets stick to metal dryer.
Magnets stick to metal frames of gym mirrors.
Magnets can scratch glass.
Magnets can collect bits and pieces of metal/rust that can scratch glass.
Magnets can rust…cheap ones can.
Magnets can fracture and cut through cloth and you.
Magnets can pick up loose razor blades…that can cut you.
Magnets can erase cellphone memory.
Magnets are fun.


Wow imagine the cluster of towels coming out of the dryer. No thanks.


I’ve got a few here, if anyone wants to test one out, send me a message.


@Dee There are pros and cons to every idea. But i am definatly going to give it a try. Worst case i dont like it and i take the magents iut and continue using the towels as normal. Best case scenario…you guys see my idea and copy or i use myself and enjoy my creation. It wont be for everyone nor may it be for me. “Wont know if you dont try.” – girlfriend/fiance

Both of these are part of my everyday workflow. On left Retractable Security Key Holder. Attach cloth with a small Bulldog Clip. (a heads up to a clever thinking Aussie called Maurice Richardson). On the right a C Cell Torch Belt Holder (obviously inspired by the Bullring).



I just use the pouch by Ettore.

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Your magnets are going to stick to the inside of your washer when you clean them

And the dryer…but if your smart you stick them starting from the bottom. Spacing them out so once it fills with water and spins, they have space to be cleaned.
In the dryer…wont matter. Heat will dry em. Tho removing…that will be a skill ill learn when the time comes