Interior storefront condensation

I have a customer whose storefront glass is older than her (She’s pushing 70) and every winter the interior fogs up so badly she has actually had small drains installed at the base of the window interior!

She asked me if I could get rid of it for her. The seals (caulk) around the window appear to be intact, but I know that’s only part of the solution. Do you guys and gals know of ANYTHING that can be done to eliminate this without replacing or covering the glass? Is there chemical/compound that can be used to alleviate this confounded condensation?

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What type of heating does the store use? What kind of store is it? You will get condensation on a cold window if there is a lot of humidity in the air such as from steam heat or possibly a restaurant were the food prep is done near the windows.

It’s a beauty shop. Not sure of the type of heat. Probably radiant/boiler heat. Any ideas to help keep it down? Something to break the surface tension that will last for a while? Carnauba wax without polish?

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Tell her to buy a dehumidifier.

I have one for my house… always had issues with condensation, i have absolutely none now.

Oh and in 6 months it paid for itself by reducing my heating (gas) bills, by not having to heat up the wet air to keep temperature.

WD40 keeps my shaving mirror from fogging up. But I don’t think you’d want to apply several gallons to her windows.

Yeah a dehumidifier