Interior Window Cleaning Time Cut In Half!

John Lee was telling me a couple of years ago that he has stopped using a squeegee on inside windows. I didn’t believe him at first, but similar feedback continued to roll in from our customers.

You know the feeling, trying to clean a skylight. Squeezing into that box tightly. Awkwardly holding a squeegee and strip washer. It’s now a thing of the past!
Eric - Longtime Window Cleaner

Wait what is it?

The Unger SpeedClean Window Kit is a complete interior, NO squeegee window cleaning system.

Here’s what you get:

Check Out These Reviews:

Since we started using the Indoor Kit, cleaning time has cut in half over traditional methods. If you don’t have one…GET ONE!

James - Window Cleaner

No more hauling an extension ladder in people’s houses!

Brad - Window Cleaner

Amazing kit. Well worth the money. I definitely recommend it to others!

Christopher - Window Cleaner

With a little practice, you can get the glass just as clean without breaking out the ladder. Love It!

Randy - Window Cleaner

I was surprised at how well this worked… I used it on interior windows and cut my time in half. Great product! Michael - Window Cleaner

I’ll admit I was surprised at how well this scrubs. Pleasantly surprised that is–awesome product!

Colton - Window Cleaner

Unger does it again! This works like a charm! Great product.

Ivan - Window Cleaner

Where have u been all my life (work life that is)!

David - Window Cleaner

I love Unger products, and these pads are a must have.

Chaz - Window Cleaner

You can pick up the complete kit or piece it out individually

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