Interior window sills not cleared

A common obstacle is when interior sills are not cleared of personal items.

Here are a few pics of some recent ledges encountered recently.

Post some pics of what you see.

I’ve run into that too. Your first pic, is pretty cluttered. I don’t normally see it THAT bad, but like the rest of your pics, I’ve run into that.

I skip those ones. I don’t have time to wait for everyone to clear the area, when they got an email about it a week before.


I think anyone who cleans Commercial offices runs into this. For me if it’s simple I move it. If not it stays , an if I can clean around it if possible I do that , if not I skip it.
I know your asking for pics , it’s a Sunday me no worky today.

Your top pic with all the boxes looks like ( I’m not there ). You can clean those
Your middle pic I wouldn’t go near it , nor would I move it .

Your bottom pic is 50/50. Might have to skip don’t know what those trees are

I remember years ago I was cleaning, an office , an I broke someone’s picture frame. Left a note with my number call me I’ll replace it. I never told my boss just left a note. They never called

All these pics for me would be walk straight past, I remember many years ago I was doing some head honcho’s office and he said “Be careful, that thing is worth more than your are!”, My reply was " I’m sure my kids would disagree!".

All office spaces I ever did they were alway informed when we would arrive and that windows needed to be made accessable PRIOR to our arrival, any windows/partitions with furnature/personal possessions impeading access to the window/partition woould be deemed inaccessable and not cleaned, Furthermore there will be no “oh let me just move that for you” as we arrive, we will not wait for staff to move belongings.

We had one job we would come in a a weekend go floor by floor, but there was a team of removalist that would go to each floor before we did and move anything from the path of the windows.


I let them know to clear a path ahead of the visit or it is passed as inaccessible. Sometimes I’ll spot clean a mark here or there, but if junk is in the way it doesn’t get done.
Same on residential as now it is Christmas season. House I did Friday had a bunch of figurines and holly in front of the window. The wife wasn’t there - I looked at the husband and said “oh, that is a lot of stuff in front of the windows” He promptly moved the stuff and replaced it after I finished.

Should have seen the nonsense at the Department of Education building in DC back when I was a budding window cleaner. What a mess. They had horrible, peeling tint and still wanted the inside done for some reason.

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As long as it’s not super fragile stuff and it takes no more than a moment to move, I’ll take the extra minute to move things. However, I always tell my customers that if there’s anything of value, either monetary or sentimental, they need to move it before I show up. This was a customers “garden window” in their kitchen. If they weren’t personal friends of mine, I’d have either skipped it or told them to clear it and I’d do it after I finished the rest.

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That’s funny, I broke the glass from a picture frame in an office 20 years ago when I worked for someone else. Left a note and never heard from them.

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You did it too ?

Yeah. On another note, I also broke a nic nac at a house and never told anyone and they definitely did call lol

Pic 1 = fuck them
Pic 2 = move and do half and half
Pic 3= fuck them
Pic 4= wet/squeegee behind, its a living mess anyway
Pic 4= put those stupid ass trees on their desk and make them fumblefuck standing them up, again.
(dont touch the rocks.)


I usually ask people to move fragile/important items, otherwise we are tasked with ordinary stiuff like plants, lamps, chairs etc.

When I did work as a 1099 locally, we came across a customer with tons of figurines all over their windows. I really didn’t want to move dozens of porcelain…whatevers…and I suggested she take them out first.

Man, I didn’t hear the end of it from the guy I subbed for. “Customer complained you wouldn’t move their figurines”. A couple more Lumberg-style talking’s to and I started my own business up again.

dcbrock…those Gubberment budgets have to be spent or they cut next years…I have a flyer for residential jobs title " Help us do a better job" by listing …pick up lawn sausages…lock up pets…move granny’s urn…etc…I either email it once the customer has decided or I leave with estimate…Commercial I will verbally let them know to move all or it wont get cleaned…

Sometimes I move it, sometimes they move it-- sometimes the window doesn’t get done.

I do not like moving fragile things, I run into countless homes and businesses (more so the homes) with all kinds of knick knacks and sometimes these little things can be worth A LOT of money. I remember one time clearing a sill, there were some glass dolphins in the way. I am no bull, and this isn’t a China shop-- but I would be lying to you if I didn’t break one because I was OVERLY CAREFUL. Remember, things can be top or bottom heavy. I broke that glass dolphin and shattered my hand in the process with glass.

After I alerted customer, she ran over not for her glass, but to make sure I WAS OKAY. I apologized and she was more worried about my hand than some trinket, and did appreciate how careful I was being. I even got a tip out of finishing the job. I’m not perfect and accidents happen. I’d rather it be paperwork or a knick knack than a 9000 dollar chandelier , or that 1800’s style decoration that is “priceless”. LOL. Shit happens, better just to have them clear it out of your way!