Interiors only during slow season?

So I am starting to get back into window cleaning part time , and still keep my cabinetmaking job at least until my boss retires in about 2 years… then I plan on being full time .
For now I am hoping to drop to 4 days cabinetmaking , one day a week to devote to route work( and probably can do some residential on that day as well until a route is a full day ) and can take in residential on saturdays , or if the cabinetmaking is busy , I could do that Saturday , or cabinetry on my route day , and push route off until Saturday …

I was curious if anyone that had once a year interiors, and once or twice exteriors , do you ever do insides only during the slow season?
And then do exteriors only once or twice a year ?
I am in Vancouver B.C. … so actual freezing temps are very short lived … I understand that it would not be ideal in most climates , but some extra money during the slow months sounds good on paper , and you do t have to deal with finicky interiors during the busy times .
Just curious if anyone does this , or tried it and why you don’t anymore .

Iam in Colorado and so weather is an issue at least 3mos of the year. Storefronts that I have get cleaned for the same price no matter the weather. If it’s too cold to clean all the windows I do what I can and make up for the missed ones next time the weather allows. My residential is interior and exterior only. It’s not worth my time or effort to do only half the work when drive/prep is the same. I suggest try it out and do what works for you. Then adjust and change as you see fit.

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Thanks for the input.
I am just curious if anyone offers / promotes this with any regularity … obviously it is double the travel … and if they want deluxe track treatment , there are screens to contend with …
Pulling potentially dirty from the inside, or having screens that only come off from the outside , or more easily from the outside… probably more cons than pros , but if you are slow, I guess it could work haha…