Interviews with New York window cleaners

Hi All!

My name is Kasia Boni, I am a journalist and I work for Polish newspaper called Gazeta Wyborcza. It is the biggest newspaper in Poland. I work on a piece about people of New York. It will be published in Thursday’s “Reportage Magazine”.

I wanted to talk to people who have jobs specific and important for New York, or somehow connected with this city. It will be a series of small portraits - human stories - about living and working in New York. About everyday life in this city. I also wanted to talk to someone who works as a window cleaner.

So if you live in NYC, and want to meet for a short talk (it usually last from one to two hours) just let me know.
I have time from 24th till 28th of July. At this moment any time is convenient for me.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. You can contact me at: kasiaboni (at)

Kind regards,

Kasia Boni

Not many NYC window cleaners on here, but I live and work just a few miles outside of the city if youre interested


I am afraid that New Jersey is too far away (not in terms of going there, but my editor made it claer that it has to be New York, so Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn are still all right).

But thanks anyway!

There is way more to New York than that little bit of land called a city.

Fair enough, even tho my part of New Jersey actually closer to Manhattan than most parts of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

Good luck in your endeavour.


But do you work in NYC? Or maybe you know someone who works there?

thanks for help!

I think I saw a member sign of from new york city last week. Otherwise, google has about 32 million results.

I know that :slight_smile: But it doesn’t help if they don’t reply their emails.

Thanks anyway I will probably start to call companies once I am in New York