Introduction and a question (Door Hangers)

Hey everyone!

My name is Mike, and I’m brand new to entrepreneurship. I’ve worked in the janitorial industry for 20+ years (I’m 34, started when I was 12); I worked for my father who owned & operated a full-service janitorial company. I was basically thrown into an ownership role in 2015 when he had to undergo a couple major surgeries (he’s fully healthy now, praise God), so I’m comfortable with the day-in-day-out tasks of a business, but I’ve never had to be the ONE lol. (If that makes any sense.)

We agreed since the company was doing so well and he was ready to retire anyways, last year was the perfect time to sell the business. So we sold it last year, and my wife and I moved down to Florida (something we’ve always wanted to do). I recently decided to start my own business, but I just wanted to focus on Window Cleaning. I’ve always loved cleaning windows, and wanted to be almost more of a specialist. So I formed my LLC, filed everything I need with the state, county and city, etc., but I’m curious as to what y’all would recommend as far as marketing materials are concerned.

I’ve ordered 1,500 professional business cards, and 1,500 professional door hangers. I’ve never had to handle marketing or advertising, literally 95% of our work was word-of-mouth, referral type clients (my dad started it in the early 90’s and was blessed with huge commercial clients early on and the higher-ups just kept talking to each other lol); so we never really had more than some brochures.

I like the idea of door hangers, so I put some time into designing them and ordered a few to get started. I know there’s EDDM, but I’m concerned a lot of the routes may include homes I’d rather not deal with.

My question is: distributing door hangers isn’t “soliciting”, is it? If anyone is in Florida and operating a window cleaning business who knows, any information would be great. The way I understand the codes, “soliciting” is knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell in an attempt to have a face to face with the homeowner to sell a product/service. Leaving a door hanger doesn’t fall under that description. I certainly don’t want to be an inconvenience to anyone, but I’m also intent on marketing my business and getting the word out that my exists lol.

Thanks in advance for any information, and also thanks to the creators/moderators for having this forum! It’s truly a blessing, and I’ll definitely try my hardest to not ask too many questions and become a nuisance. :laughing:


you must investigate the the laws that are specific to area yourself, they vary significantly even from neighbouring towns. do not count on hearsay from others FIND THE FACTS YOURSELF is the only way to be sure.

Welcome, and a Florida window cleaner here also. No, door hangers are not soliciting legally speaking. Some people tend to claim that it is, but very, very few have that misconception. I suppose that you can find some backwards communities where this belief still occurs. I door hanger all of the time and find it to be a great way to garner business. Try to sell them on quarterly or semi annual after you land the job. Let them know that maintaining clean windows on a regular basis makes them look good longer than trying to clean stains and built up debris from long periods of neglect.


There are more places to find a legal description, but door hangers are legal - just don’t put them where a “NO TRESSPASSING” sign or “NO FLYERS” sign is. Even some community leaders don’t know all of the legal ways of marketing that are allowed. I avoid engaging people about my services unless they instigate the conversation then I make it a brief outline of what I do so they are in control of how long the conversation lasts. It is a numbers game, some want the service and others do not. Brief alert to what I do then on to the next door hanger; that way I reduce the accusation of soliciting by me.

your post is a solicitation: you are asking for help from other members.
a flyer is usually intended to ask for or inspire business and is in most cases a solicitation.
even if legal to distribute you may require a direct sellers license from some level of government even you are not putting out flyers or door hangers.
check all levels of your area government from federal to neighbourhood if you want to know for sure.

I have a large sicker above the doorknob to my office that says “No soliciting ever. This means you.”

When I came back from vacation this week, I found a lead gen provider’s business card stuck in my door, right next to the sticker. Not only do I consider it solicitation, but I consider it quite douchey as well.

'SOLICITING" and “HANGING DOOR HANGERS” are two different things by Supreme Court ruling.

…The key difference comes down to the amount of interaction with recipients. Simply placing an ad on a porch or in a mailbox in front of a house does not require a verbal exchange nor will these actions disturb the peace. When you physically knock on the door and try to engage the homeowner in a conversation about your products, this behavior can be considered a violation. …"

Are custom door hangers legal for advertising?

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I’d avoid putting anything in or attaching to a mailbox. USPS does not play that. (Unless your paying them to put them there for you via EDDM)

Yep, I agree. I wouldn’t put a flyer or door hanger in a mailbox as suggested on that link, but it is not illegal to place door hangers on a porch or door knob. I will also not leave a hanger on a property that has a NO TRESPASSING sign or sign that says LEAVE NO HANDBILLS OR FLYERS. I don’t knock on doors as a “Door-to-door” salesman either.

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