As my screen name indicates I am a pastor and the church I pastor is a small one that can only provide housing for my wife and I. The employment market is horrible around here. I live within 1 hours drive of several smaller towns and cities and a couple mid sized cities. I have noticed in my town that there seems to be no window washers around, not that I’ve seen and none listed in the phone book. So I began to think that window washing could be for me. At first I thought of doing it just for some income but after poking around this site I realize that this could be my business in this community and a few others close by. I like the idea of being outside and talking with customers and I’ve always wanted to own my own business.

I hope to be able to learn from those of you who are experienced in this business. I’ve already learned some about how to charge for this service. Thank you for being open and helping others. I’m now working on a company name, I like the post I read about names and someone (i forget who wrote it, I’ve read so many today) mentioned using the city name and checking if domain name is available, great advice. I didn’t find any companies that I tested with a few possible names.

Hi and welcome. What’s your name? What city and state??

Welcome Pastor. What’s your name? This is definitely a biz that can make your financial situation more comfortable. This is the right forum to get you started. Read and soak up the knowledge.


Hey Preach,
After reading your thread I do believe that you are on to something, owning a window cleaning business is great opportunity for someone in ministry, It gives you the flexibility and freedom to make your own schedule which will allow you to study for sermons or just go out of town for conferences and other ministry related things. I think I can offer you some good advise, since I too started my company with $650 bucks and I have grown each year. I actually started my company in mind of hopefully planting a church later on in life when I God’s gives me the green light. If you have any questions, you can email


Welcome. Good old Elberton - the world capitol of Granite!


That reference to the “City”-“Window Cleaning” business name mostly applies to ranking well on the website side of things. So buy the domain: But make up a name that you like and describes the image/name you want stuck in your customer’s minds.

Something a lot of guys here run into is that when you get bigger, and you will if you stick around here, and wish to add services, having “window cleaning” in your name may limit what your customer’s think you do. Especially if you get into pressure washing or other things.

Good luck!

Country pastor
You will find many window cleaners are from a faith background and got into this business to supplement income. You are in good hands here.


Thank you for that advice something I didn’t consider. Stayed up last night later than normal trying to consider names using window cleaner in it. Didn’t like what I came up with. This opens up more possibilities now.

Welcome to the community, make yourself at home and love that search feature.


welcome Pastor. Theres a window cleaner around my town who is a paster also. He does very well i believe. Really nice guy. You have the advantage of being someone who is trustworthy off the bat to customers. Good luck!

County Pastor, you can count me with John Lee’s comment. I am a part time Chaplain at our local hospital and work in my business full time. Winter, of course, is slower. Went forward with business ownership partly out of opportunity and partly out of necessity. Few hundred bucks in my pocket and a hungry family of seven was the necessity. Short term missions or bi-vocational ministry was the opportunity. I would like to do a LOT more in short term missions or pastoring a church. Some where down the line I see myself flipping the coin and being a pastor full time and cleaning business part time. Until then, it is what it is. BTW, don’t be surprised when you are washing windows and your customers want you to be their pastor. “I didn’t know you were a pastor. Mind if I share something with you…?” It will happen. On that day, God has you in that person’s life as both a window washer and a pastor.