Hello. This is my introductory post on the forum. I’ve been involved in the window cleaning business for about 11 years now. I currently serve as the Operations Manager of Bethany Associates where I work with a great group of people. Prior work experience has lead me from framing homes in California while I was in college, general construction in New Jersey, as a carpenter for a yacht manufacturing company, as well as serving as a cost accountant for 5 years at the same yacht company.
I enjoy the challenges of managing a business and handeling the daily operations. I like the variety of work my role offers, from scheduling, estimating, organizing, and yes cleaning windows. Especially with the 35’ water pole we picked up from WCR.
Anyway, that’s a bit about me. My reason for jumping on the forum is to give and learn , to serve as a resource and to learn from the vast experiences of the many window cleaning professionals out there.


Thank you WCR for bar-b-que today. I enjoyed the opportunity to chat with other business owners in the industry.