Hey, I am Michael Kreisle. I own/Operate a Pressure Washing business in Lexington KY. I also own a interior cleaning service.

My specialty is low pressure House Washing and NON-PRESSURE roof cleaning. We focus on residential as we have found it to be the most profitable model for our demographic. (Lower Volume/Higher margins) versus chasing the little commercial to be had here. (not enough volume to support the low margins)

I am also on a team that is launching a new Organization for Contract Cleaners. We are close to launching. The new website is being built and policies etc are getting polished and all I’s dotted, T’s crossed. There will be numerous member benefits that alone will be worth joining.

I am always willing to help with questions concerning residentil cleaning and my favorite subject… Business and marketing.

Feel free to ask.

Hey mike, welcome to WCR!

Great to see you here Michael!


sup michael

Nice to see more people from KY here, so long as they arent in Louisville :slight_smile:

I’m moving to Louisville this summer and starting a window cleaning business

Welcome Michael!

Welcome … How about those Wildcats… This is the best group that i have been a part of.

Hi Mike, nice to see you over here. I recall on another board you mentioned you bought a vinyl cutter and with spring coming I was thinking about using yard (bandit) signs this year. Do you use this for making Coroplast type yard signs? I was thinking about this so I can test my message and not have to invest in quantity’s if I don’t like the result and also to market different services. Have you found it to be a useful tool? What size and type of cutters do you recommend? Thanks

I got a 25 inch. It paid for itself already just in savings over what sign shops want.

I can make a 18x24 double sided coroplast sign for about $3 my cost. Screen printed signs cheaper but have to buy 50 at a time.

I like it. 25 inches will do just about anything you need to do.

Do you cut vinyl for vehicles?


I thought you had a wrap?

No, I got vinyl lettering back in the spring.
The black is all shrinking up and cracking and the red is faded already.