Investing in Waterfed; dont know where to begin

Hello all, I’ve been in business for about 6 months and as business starts to pick up, I think I am ready to invest in a waterfed pole system.

I just have no clue where to begin. If anyone has any recommendations for a beginner, that would be awesome. I have a flexible budget, but probably just something inexpensive to get me started.

Thank you all!

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I can help you. Please schedule
We have many options to choose from. Also start by reading this Understanding Pure Water & Water Fed Poles | WCR –

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Why you do not want HI MODULUS RATING: of 42 MSI or even 55 msi but **63 Ms**i with either kevlar or 3k on the outside!
The unique properties of HexTow® HM63 fiber, such as higher tensile strength and modulus, as well as shear
and compressive strength, allow structural designers to achieve both higher safety margins for both stiffness and
strength critical applications.
Typical Fiber Properties U.S. Units SI Units
Tensile Strength 630 ksi 4,344 MPa
Tensile Modulus (Chord 6000-1000) 64.0 Msi 441 GPa
Tensile Modulus (Tangent 1/2 Load) 66.0 Msi 455 GPa
Ultimate Elongation at Failure 1.0% 1.0%
Density 0.0661 lb/in3 1.83 g/cm3
Weight/Length (12K) 23.5 x 10-6 lb/in 0.42 g/m
Approximate Yield (12K) 3,561 ft/lb 2.39 m/g
Tow Cross-Sectional Area (12K) 3.54 x 10-4 in2 0.23 mm2
Filament Diameter 0.194 mil 4.9 microns
Carbon Content 99% 99%

That’s alot of information that I completely do not understand.

You are making choosing a WFP way to complex possibly.

just get an hi mod pole period
SimPoles | Water Fed Pole | WCR –

Sorry Phil but your price points are ridiculous for someone (like the OP) who is new to the business and looking for a wfp. He can get the same length and quality for half the price from quality competitors.

There is a big difference in quality when you used 63 msi hi mod in an pole!
No just trying to explain why 63 msi hi mod is the best pole to buy and you can get it here at wcr.
And you ask about the sim1pole 1x12 6 feet each section hi mod / kevlar pole? did you not?
RHG, WCR all advertise their poles in most post here too. Many are confused over what,s really in a wfp for the high price that many cost. 1. What type of Carbon Fiber is the best for the price?
2. How good are the clamps? 3. What is the wall thickness? (Reach IT was 1.37 to 1.6 ud/55 msi/3k )
4.How stiff at 60 feet is the pole design? 5. Does weight matter if the pole hits the building over 60 feet?
6.Much more hype then facts in most post on all social media!
I will do a youtube on design soon with just the facts with out all the advertising !

I’m sorry after 35 years with wfp I sometimes forget how hard it is to start out.
Best deal for the money is!
Xero DI Tank With Xero Pro 40 Foot Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole
Remember some jobs might make you that much in one day!
I will help you bid work too and not push my product either.

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