Ionics Quattro

Just ordered an Ionics Quattro from the UK ( sorry guys but British peso made it an opportunity too good to miss ), if anyone has experience with this particular unit and has any hints and tips re its use then I would like to hear from them



I saw the Quattro at the IWCA show last year and it look like a compact little unit. the only thing I saw that I would watch out for would be that it is not to stable standing up, and you can’t run it laying down. good luck

They have a great video on youtube. It shows the unit laying down. Are you sure it has to been standing up?

I have never used one, but that’s what I was told at the show last year by the salesman.

Maybe the camera crew screwed up.:slight_smile:

Na I watch the video and it look like you can only run it on its side because of the water lines. My bad, sorry for the bad info.:frowning:

Page 6 of the 18 page user manual says that it is designed to operate lying down.

Alright, that didn’t work so lets try it again. I’ll try to attach the manual.

I was looking at the catalog from and they had the RO membrane for the quattro at like 490-500 bills then on their website the membrane is listed a 700smacks?!!! for a membrane??!! no thanks.

I have seen the video and looked at the manual the unit runs on it’s side. The only thing is DI will channel when water moves thru it laying down. How do they keep it from happening?

I have used the Quattro. Did you get the attachable pump and battery? Just curious, did you get a better deal with shipping and tarriff from UK than you could from JRC. I ork with JRC sales rep in Atlanta on demos and he has a Quattro with pump and battery. Nice cart, the water softner is a plus. Should prevent scaling on the membrane

I don’t have a Quattro my self I have only seen one at the show.