IPC Eagle 55' Carbon Fiber Waterfed Pole - Never Used - $900

This is a beauty, but it weighs too much for me. I need a lighter pole. An experienced waterfed poler shouldn’t have any problem with it.

I paid $2000 last year, but have never used it. I bought a 35’ pole at the same time, and it put my back out. My fault.

Let my loss be your gain!

It is here in Kennewick, WA if anyone wants to see it :wink:

That’s not the way to get the pole up into position.

You should extened it around 25 or 30 feet on the ground then lift it up and rest it against the building. Then, extend each section up one at at time until reaching full height. I speak from experience as I have a 56 foot Facelift.

I do wish I had a grand right now to drop on that pole. I’m probably going to need a second big pole next year. If nobody buys it by spring, let me know.

I can’t believe that car drove under that pole. The stupidity of some people amazes me.

Good morning, Mr. February!

Thanks for answering my classified ad. You may very well have another pole, if you need it.
Here is why I can’t use it, as I’m only 5’ 4" with my boots on :wink:

(See picture below of pole standing on scale, with ceiling tile removed to make room to weigh :wink:

I can only reach about the 3rd handle up, much less opening vertically.
I tried to weight it at work, and had to move a ceiling tile to do that.

Here is the second reason I can’t use it:

(See picture below of scale showing 17+ pounds in weight.)

That is a little more than 17 lbs (including the hose). I’m not a big guy, and have to get something a lot lighter because of my arthritis.
When I bought this, I didn’t know they made a six pound pole, but I see one here in the swap meet.
Maybe I watch too much baseball, but wouldn’t it be neat if we could have our own little 3 way trade.
You could get this perfectly good IPC Eagle WFP, Brady Miller could get your Scratch Hog system, and I could get Brady’s 6 lb. Gardiner pole…

Just a thought,

Sorry, John, but I just sold it. I should tell you what I went through to ship it, but that’s another story! No it isn’t, here it is, LOL!!

I literally talked to FedEx home (got the shipping charges), gave the info to my buyer, waited for his check to clear then took the pole to FedEx Kinko’s outlet (like the FedEx Home operator told me to). That FexEx told me the tube was too big, too much girth, take it to FedEx Freight. FedEX Freight told me it was going to cost $150 more to ship and that was with a 70% discount! They are more for shipping pallets. They advised me to go to FedEx Ground, so I could save some money. When I got to the FedEx Ground shipping facility (where all the trailers are), they told me they can’t ship without a UPC code, and they can’t do that there. I would have to go to FedEx Kinko’s (where I started) or to the FedEx by the airport. I went to the FexEx Ground by the airport, as I hadn’t been there yet. The lady said hello and I said “You are my only hope!” She took down my information and said they could do it. YIPPEE!!

Then while processing, she said the computer was wrong. Too much girth (sounded familiar), she needed to ask the supervisor. Came to find out there is a glitch in the FedEx program. If they enter 9’ 2" like I said the tube was, then the girth is too big. If however, they enter the information like the operator did at the beginning of this tale of desperation, i.e. 110" then it can be shipped!

So, if they had entered 110" in the program at the first FedEx I went to, they could have shipped it, and I could have saved myself about an hour and a half drive time and all that trouble!!

OK, Phil. In March I’d like to buy a used 60’ CF Simpole, if the offer still stands. I don’t care to wfp from November thru February. I could do it today, but I’m burned out. It was a long season. I’ll be ready by March!

My Simpole 30’ Twistlock Hibrid is more rigid than any other poles I have. And the Eagle 35’ is CF!!
I would like to buy a used hybrid number 6 pole now, to add tothe 30’. I really need that extra couple feet to do my 3rd floor windows…
At the tallest side of the building I was having to stand right by the building, and it’s no fun getting water in your eyes from 30’ up.


[QUOTE=TheWindowGuy;96214]That’s not the way to get the pole up into position.

“I do wish I had a grand right now to drop on that pole. I’m probably going to need a second big pole next year. If nobody buys it by spring, let me know.”

Thanks for your interest, John! I wish I had another one to sell you. You’re a good guy, and a great poster! Sorry to disappoint you, I still have a 35’ if you’re interested ;-), but it’s been used about 10 times.

Difficult to get a good scrub as well…