IPC Eagle Hydro Cart with Battery

Looking to purchase a pure water system. Need to get water up to 4 stories. Considering the IPC Eagle Hydro Cart with Battery. Anybody have experience with this set up? Pros/Cons? Other alternatives?

No Cons with a HydroCart

Have you checked the swap meet section of the forum? I believe @TSServices still has one

It is available…Electric not battery

If you are a one man operation and need to reach 4 stories then you may not need a booster pump. As long as your water source is 4 GPM then you can clean 4 stories. If you run into a job with less than 4 GPM then you can bypass the RO and use DI only.
The best setup is to use a tank delivery system. You fill the tank with the RODI then pump the water to the brush with a flow control. You can be filling the tank while pumping the pure water to the brush.