IPC Eagle Hydrotube filters

I’m approaching 40 hours on my Hydrotube and know it’s almost time to change the filters. Has anyone else changed theirs? Any tips or things I should know before setting to task?

Line up the collars in the right position before snapping them back in

Mark Strange made a video on it. It should be on this forum somewhere. It was pretty good.

Here you go.
[video=youtube_share;8zIE8i44hHw]IPC waterfed 6 - YouTube

Mark’s got you covered. After your first time you’ll be able to do it in 2 minutes flat.

Be careful not to put too much lube, it can muck up the system

^he said lube…

Thanks a bunch guys. No lube needed. Took me about 10 min. TDS back to triple zeros!

Ya, when I first changed my filters there was still enough lube. i just showed it in the video as it is recommended by IPC and I didn’t want to miss a step. Glad to hear you are back to zero.

If you dont mind me asking, how much was the filter change?

Filters run around $93 for a two-pack

Thanks for the Reply, Im on the fence between the reach it pro and the Hydrotube… Of course the hydrotube is more affortable… But from what I have hear is that the hydrotube can get expensive maintance wize compared to the reach it pro… Id like to get an idea of what expensive really is!

What’s your tds?

Technically speaking, you mean Hydrotube versus Wash-it Pro (reach-it are the poles)

if you are looking at doing a few houses a week with it, you can’t go can’t go wrong with the Hydrotube. It’s the perfect balance of affordability up front and easy to finance maintenance. But if you are looking at pushing our system and hooking up a couple of poles, the Wash-it is your better, more flexible choice.

Yes, I mean the water purification systems not the poles… Sorry

Right now, I would use it weekends only and sometimes maybe 1 timer per month. This is an add on service I offer…

I dont plan in getting into Commercial work, only Residential and 3rd floor would be the highest… TDS here is 260is highest part in my valley is about 360 TDS

What do you guys recommend for me?

I’m a power washer & clean windows once & a while. I have a hydo tube & it’s a perfect fit for me.

360 is pushing it for the hydrotube. Ours is about the same and we Change filters every other month or so

I’ve been meaning to look into that. Which external filters do you use?

You can rig the hydrotube with external filters that are cheaper and also more easily changed.