Ipc eagle rodi... help!

i disassembled my cart too mount in another vehicle. replaced hoses everything is back together and i close the bypass too get purified water too wfp hose and only a trickle comes out.

no waste water just building pressure. i assume i have an air pocket or something else? i didn’t think i’d have this much trouble lol
im good with engines and electric motors you name it.


Think solid water path. Can you bleed components coming to hose? No nothing about WFP, but do know about bleeding off air. Maybe chat with Alex here, (WCR), or who ever. They know everything. 2 cen., no charge. :thinking:

Hey, this is one of the older RO/DI carts, the 5 stage right? Assuming everything is put back in the correct order, no hoses are pinched you should check the direction of the filters. Make sure the ROs are facing the correct direction, check the carbon filter, I’ve seen many put the wrong carbon filter in these units and they just don’t make water. If thats all cool, work backwards, disconnect before the first RO, run water. If you have water through the pre-filters, hook up RO #1 if you have water go to RO #1, then to the DI. Something is stopping water flow somewhere.

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didn’t remove any cartridges. ill start working through the hoses

If no filters were removed, its got to be a simple plumbing mishap.

not sure ive marked everything and triple checked. i marked hose fittings with couplers at unit do make sure i didn’t mix anything up. it has too be just air but i ran the water through bypass for 20min several times. each time i close bypass to divert through rest of filters it only trickles out.

when i disconnected one hose just air and little water escapes

i talked too John yesterday. the cart wasn’t going too be completely vertical and he stated these older carts with hard cartridges and also lay flat and still operate properly.

is this correct or was he mistaken? we mounted cart laying back flat