IPC High Rise Machine

The IPC high rise machine has finally been released form exclusive distributorship… WCR is very excited to have it for sale… Look for it in the store next week!

Wow! I am looking forward to seeing what kind of results these units produce!

Has anyone used one of these before?

Hey Chris who had the exclusive rights? Any idea how many were sold?

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This has been on my wish list for over a year now. (Not that I have any jobs that I could use this on…yet)

That’s the most cumbersome piece of window cleaning equipment I have ever seen. There are a lot of unanswered questions about this unit.

Just check YouTube This machine has been on the market for several years. Does a great job and if you have accounts that warrant the expense it would be a good investment. I can arrange a visit and demo

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We have used one of these machines on a building of ours. This particular building has granite between the levels (polished and rough) 5 stories. This machine works amazing, if used in the right areas. The building really looked amazing when it was done and cut labor by 50%. One huge advantage is everything gets cleaned not just the glass. I don’t own the machine but if I had a need for the volume and buildings it is designed for it would be a no brainer.
Daryl Schaefer

I’m pretty skeptical of this machine. It seems like you would have to have the absolutely perfect building for this to make any sense.

Logistically, it seems pretty legit. - It starts at the ground, then moves up to agitate/down to rinse.

The fans push it tight to the building surface.

Definitely gaudy, though.

like what questions, Jashy?

I’ve been thinking about this damn thing all weekend…

Any guesses on price?

im guessing in the $35k to $45k range? The good thing about having multiple distributors though is that pricing will have to be competitive. It’s a lot of money up front but I can certainly see that with substantial labor cost savings, it could be paid off rather quickly. After that, you can count your money while the machine cleans :slight_smile:

Agreed, though I’d imagine this is still a tool for companies already equipped for high rise. May always be a few spots on the building the machine can’t get into. Also, if the motor broke down, I can see have to access that machine halfway up the building. Unlikely, but it only takes once.

I’ve always been interested in these.