Iphone Case for Fellow Window Cleaners

I personally have the otter box for 3 phones, but recently have switched over to iPhone 4/4S Case - Gen 2 - LifeProof Apple Cases - LifeProof Store :: LifeProof Cases

If you don’t have one now I do recommend spending the money on these. I personally dropped mine in a water bucket and let sit for about 5 minutes, nothing happened. I am not promoting them I am just telling what has helped. There was a time where I dropped my phone next to the bucket and I was lucky enough to kick it before it got wet throught Otter Box. Enjoy!:smiley:

Can one attach a card reader to an iPhone with the case on?

One would hope that a belt clip would be provided with the case at $80…

It is not, Larry. The belt clip is an additional 30 dollars. I bought both the clip and the case and liked it for about two weeks. The problem I found was that the belt clip had some rough places on the inside, which scratched the screen on the case. That really annoyed me, so I returned both of them.

I did really like the case though, the protection it offered was great for the size.

I am unsure if the card reader would work, it was kind of a tight squeeze even for the OEM charger. Another problem I found was it was difficult to plug my audio cable into the phone for to listen to pandora while in my truck.

True about what you said EcoClean. But they have an extender for 10$ so attaching the plug is easier. And so far my square product still works on it.

I doubt the otter box can survive everything they did on the video demos, that is something I will be getting.

WOW this is next on my list! I’ve gone through 2 phones already from water damage. Once from pressure washing and getting myself soaked in the process, and the second time it fell from the second story into my customers pool lol.