iPhone for working

Anyone use iPhone for work related duties and does it help you more than a regular cell phone?

I use an iPhone, iPad, and an iMac for work purposes. If you do not have an Internet connection in the field you are loosing money, and most importantly time.

Started using the iPhone 4s it has definitely helped me out

Trevor is right, internet in the field isn’t indispensable… but it sure does save time and actually increases your closing rate. Strange as it is, people just seem to be impressed if you can pull out your phone and reference their email/inquiry, email them a quote or invoice on-site or do any number of things. I was at a store the other day standing in line and pulled up the contact form on my website for someone to fill out as we talked. Before I got to the cashier I had the guys contact info stored and accessible anywhere.

My difference is that I have an Android phone. I just recently put a new operating system on it (Miui) and love it. I use Google Docs to store files so I can reference them (past invoices/quotes, pull up a flyer or copy of whatever and email it instantly, create and send new invoices/quotes, enter expenses real-time so I don’t have to worry about it later, read a book or white paper or whatever if I’m waiting on something) - there’s really not much I can’t do and I don’t even know that much about it. iPhones are just as versatile so I don’t want to seem like I’m Android is better (although it is :slight_smile: ) - but since your question was specifically directed at iPhone I wanted to point out that my experience is with Android.

Whichever platform you choose, I highly recommend a smartphone if you don’t already have one.

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Couldn’t imagine doing business without one.

(Unfortunately, I remember when cell phones just beginning to gain popularity - and I thought at the time, “I’ll never need one of those. If somebody needs to talk to me they can wait until I’m at home.” Wow - the naivete. Now I’d be lost without it (and sometimes, “lost” quite literally!))

I use my iPhone for everything estimates to printing invoices on the spot it’s very handy

I also love my Iphone. I use it to print quotes to my printer sitting in the truck. I love to watch peoples faces when they think I am just using the calculator on my phone to figure a quote and I hit the print and tell them I am stepping out to my truck to get their quote which is printing.

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Now this sounds very cool. What printer do you have set up in your truck and are you powering it by battery or 12V adaptor?

I just have a cheapo hp inkjet that is airprint capatible connected to a wireless router. I use a dc to ac convertor (450watts) to power my router and printer. If you don’t have a airprint printer you can download a program called fingerprint for $10 and it will allow you to use any printer with your iphone provided you have a regular computer connected to your printer.

p.s. if you wanting to use a laser printer, make sure you have the right converter, they are a special breed that needs a special converter. Can’t remember what kind but do your research if you plan on using laser.

do you have a bluetooth printer? what kind? what did it run you if you dont mind me asking?

crap, maybe i should read the whole thread before i start asking questions

The program is invoice to go and eprint both cost some cash but make it easy and professional the printer is hp I had to find one that would create its own wifi do that I could link em and print anywhere I want if u guys want or need any help u can always email me attention2_detail@yahoo.com or call me 2313730334

I use a $50 hp and a power inverter no router no computer just iPhone and printer it’s very quick and easy and u can keep track of paid or unpaid invoices and lets say u have a customer that pays on spot u can have it printed off marked paid on it

Which model HP for 50 has Air Print?

Hp deskjet 3000

Don’t need AirPrint just need one that creates its own wifi network