IPODS and/or MP3 Players

I’ve been wanting to get an IPOD or similar gadget to load all of my CD’s and other songs onto so I can listen to music while I work.

I don’t know a thing about MP3 players and IPODS. Which do you use and why do you like it better than the other?


MP3 is a format that is comonly used for MP3 players. IPOD is a popular brand made by Apple that plays MP3’s.
You can also play WMA’s on a MP3 player.

I have a video ipod and a philips MP3 player for wear and tear activities.

I have an Apple iPod Shuffle – it was a gift from my brother. I like its small form factor and quality headphones. I find it easy to load CDs into iTunes and create playlists to add to the Shuffle.



I use an iPod. I just got it at the end of last year and love it. I have no experience with any other music device except for playing MP3’s on my Blackberry. I can only hold 4GB’s of music on my Blackberry compared to 160GB’s on my iPod. The iPod wins.

The problem I have is that I keep loading in more and more music, it gets hard to choose something to listen too.

I have recently discovered podcasts on iTunes and they are free to download. I even downloaded a free Ratdog show podcast on iTunes in honor of Larry. I haven’t honored him to the fullest yet because I have yet to listen to the show.

I think the most bang your buck is a brand of headphones called “Skull Crushes”…I know, weird name, but they are amazing quality. I use the in ear buds. Only down is when you sweat bad they slip out.

As stated, an ipod IS an mp3 player, that being said in my opinion an ipod would be the way to go because of how easy it is to use.

Lately I’ve just been using my blackberry curve, holds 8 gigs

I think Ipod is the way to go, but you can also get other Mp3 players for way less and have the same quality…The Mp3 player is just a mini hard drive that stores your music, so the quality is really up to your songs…

If you’re looking for cutting edge technology that makes podcasts and music easy work, including videos on mine, then go Ipod

If you’re looking for cost, go to Wal-Mart and pick a generic 4-10gig brand. Philip’s are good.

I wonder if Chris and Alex are Zune users since their favorite podcast hosts endorse it?

My son has a nice Samsung mp3 player that was about $120 at wal mart. I have an ipod touch 16G. It’s pretty much the iphone without the phone. I also like the podcasts and using itunes for my music library. I have a 500 gig external hard drive for music and video storage. I recommend you consider it if you are going to use your computer for music storage.


Skull Candy

My favorite headphones! Always stay in, feel great and block out all other sound. (maybe just put one in on the job… if at all. I don’t ever use on a job)

Funny little story… I was at the gym and a little sweaty a few months ago. I kept pushing the ear bud into my ear because it felt like it was slipping a little. After my work out I yanked it out and the little rubber end piece got stuck pretty far in my ear canal. FREAKED me out! :eek: I thought I was going to have to go to the emergency room to have it pulled out by a nurse. Luckily my mom works in town and I was able to call her and have her dig for it with a pair of tweezers. I’m more careful while working out now.

Seth, I have not used Zune. Perhaps Chris has. Also, Chris is a HUGE fan of tech stuff podcasts. When he and I are in the car together we will listen to them. They are very interesting if your feeling a little nerdy. Tons of cool stuff out there in the way of tech pods.

skull candy, that’s it!!!..why the heck did I think skull crushes?!

crusher sounds cooler than candy :smiley:

Thanks for all of the great input and advice guys.

It sounds like the IPOD is the most desirable but the mp3 player is the cheapest.

I went to Wal-Mart late last night and got a Sony 4GB mp3 that holds about 2,000 songs. It was on sale for $109.00 and I’ve always had good luck with Sony products so I went ahead and got it. I didn’t care about any other features but this one will also do video and pictures but I don’t plan to put anything but music on it.

I didn’t want to spend a lot on it because it will be so easy to get damaged while working, especially around all of the liquids (WFP) and body sweat, not to mention the banging around that will happen.

I’ll see how things go with this one and maybe upgrade to a nice IPOD for use while not working my jobs.

I hope loading it up will not be too hard! I’ll mostly be loading my Jazz CD collection onto it. I’m thinking that will be less trouble than downloading songs from the internet. Except for having to type in all of the song names etc.

I used the 30g ipod. the after market stuff apple has for them, like car chargers. That was the one thing that swayed me. so many mp3 players can only be charged on the computer. plus the Ipods are time tested compaired to the newer mp3 players. my buddy has been through 4 zunes since they came out. I can say zune has a nice warranty.

I use the sansa e280, I picked up as a refurb for $60 from buy.com. It is an 8 gig multimedia player, ie (music, pics, and vids), that also has a fm tuner as well as a voice recorder built in, also has a card slot for a micro sd.

I haven’t been able to find the card readers capabilities as of yet, but I don’t really need it yet.

The voice recorder seems like it will come in handy while on a ladder.

The fm tuner is nice but, I probably will not use it.

As far as moisture is concerned there is a neoprene cover for it that covers everything except the volume dial and cost only $6

The battery is rechargeable, replaceable, and lasts 20 hours. You can also get a cable kit for it that allows you to charge the car or at home (ac).

Alot of bang for the buck. Does any one else use the e280, and do you like it?

I get a lot of stuff refurbed…just as good, and with warrenty.

The SONY mp3 player I bought last night holds 2,000 songs and the battery will play music for 36 hours. I just needed a small gadget to download my CD’s onto so I can listen to them while I work.

A free 14 day trial membership to Napster came in the package but I’m not impressed with Napster at all. $14.95 a month just to be able to browse and shop their limited selection that you still have to buy doesn’t impress me at all.

If I need more music I can just order the CD from other sources that have just what I want.

Any input about Napster, Limewire etc.?

I def wouldn’t use limewire… If you want to download music try piratebay…

Limewire will LOAD you up with nasty spy wear.

Thanks for that info Chris! I’ll check out piratebay.

I use Limewire for all my music and some software too. Never had a problem. I recently started using “Frostwire”…it’s Limewires focus towards the mac users out there.

Pirates Bay is good for torrent downloads. MiniNova is up there for torrent loads.