Is being over weight killing your bottom line?

Every morning I carry a five gallon Jerry can of water out to my van. It ways about 40lbs. very heavy. I think to myself, “I wonder how I’d feel at the end of my day if I lost 40lbs” I bet it’s killing my bottom line. Thought?


If you have 40 extra pounds to lose then yeah, you’ll feel amazing if you get rid of even half that. Try going about your daily tasks with a backpack full of bricks, and imagine how good it will feel to take that load off at the end of the day. Now imagine how good you would feel if you got rid of that much weight right now.

As for how it affects your bottom line, all the fancy tools and labor-saving techniques in the world can’t replace a strong and healthy body. Regular exercise can help prevent mental burnout too, and help you be more productive due to a positive mood. It does seem silly to me that exercise and proper nutrition are the last options for many people who want to make their jobs easier.


So funny you bring this up about carrying Jerry cans out to your vechicle . I carry 2 5 gallon buckets , An a 5 gallon Jerry can to my van . I hurt my back a month an a half ago … it was bad , so I started thinking of a way to get a hot water spigot somewhere , so I could run a hose out to the van to fill up right from the hose.

In the spring -fall it’s not a problem , but winter the spigot is shut off . I prefer boiling hot water to start, So Im Getting a conversion done from oil to gas. I’m going to see if they can do that for me. I already signed a contract I forgot to ask , but I will be callling them this week to see

Is being a little heavy effecting your bottom line . I don’t think it’s anything you should lose sleep over . I’m sure it slows you down a little just like 90 degree weather will slow you down as compared to 60 degree weather. So you make a few dollars less what are ya going to do . You can only move the way you can move that’s it. I’m sure your past the stage where your technique can be improved so … it is what it is.

Eat healthier stay away from starchy an greasy foods no beers :scream: , An burgers :sob: Eat your greens , an fruits , an exercise.

Now if I only could follow my recipe for a healthy life style. Getting old fucking sucks.

Btw yes if you lost the 40lbs you would feel so much better at the end of the day, an yes I’m about 15-20 lbs over weight , An my energy level is very low , so exercising is a task In itself.

I’ve been a gym guy from my teens to my mid 30s complacency an age has made that become a thing of the past. The thing is it’s frustrating, because you want it back again you know what to do , but the energy level just is t there


It hit me like a ton of bricks last fall. "Why am I carrying these 5 gallon buckets to the truck when I can just buy a hand truck bucket dolly? Still haven’t bought it so I’m guessing four more years of complaining to myself should do it. Check with me in 2020 to see how it works!


Ya if you jace a long haul to your truck that makes it even worse. A dolly would be the way to go. My Van is right outside my door so that isn’t to bad. It’s just cumbersome no matter how you slice it. 5 gallons of water on one side of your body. Not good for your back. For sure :fearful:

Add the amount of years doing it (20 years ) , an thst adds up to a trip to the MRI machine.

It works for farmers…

It is easy to understand what one needs, another thing to implement it; good and bad habits become habit. :wink:


If carting forty pounds of water is bad for your back I wonder if carting around 40 pounds of extra blubber is also bad for your back?


As someone that lost 70 lbs, you feel a lot better


Those are good , but you would still have to get he water to the truck. Winter time spigots are off ,so they don’t freeze.
Also you would need , an inverter which I was thinking if getting anyway.

Definitely doesn’t help

Does feeling better mean cleaning windows is easier and more productive?

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Congrats :+1::+1:

Slop sink in the garage?

Not a bad idea. I have a detached though , so getting the water in there might be costly.

If you have 40 pounds (or more) of extra weight, everything you do will be easier when it’s gone. I am down 50 from a few years ago, and able to do more than I could do 15 years ago.


Being a little overweight I occasionally show off my bottom line when I squat down for the low panes.


I started leaving the lettuce on my whoppers and asking for light mayo. I’m not sure it’s made a difference in my weight, but the taste is better.

But seriously, going to work on losing some baggage this year.

You just have to know how to work it.


id consider myself massive but i have a bend over employee who gets the lowers and anything i drop


After losing the weight I noticed I didn’t get winded as easily, going up ladders is easier, standing up from kneeling down doesn’t hurt etc.

Your body needs vitamins and good sources of energy, when it finally gets true nutrients and the weight starts shedding you will wake up and feel you could take on the world, instead needing 2 Red Bull’s and 5 espressos just to wake up