Is it better to work in sunglasses?

For example, if I’m cleaning a storefront outside and it’s sunny, would it be better to wear sunglasses? Will I see more in comparison to not wearing glasses?

I can’t imagine doing this job without them. The amount of times I catch glare off the glass or end up looking directly into the sun from inside… I just can’t think that’d be good for my longterm vision.

I get the $10 “Terminator” brand fishing sunglasses at walmart. They last me a couple months or so. (Softwashing solution seems to break down the reflective coating after awhile. If I was only doing window cleaning and was a little more careful with them, I could see getting a year+ out of them.)


All day sunglasses :sunglasses: for me. I get the 7-11 cheapies. Sux , becuase I would spend 200 on a good pair , but I either break them, or lose them often. Sometimes I forget to switch when I’m spraying bleach which destroys them too.


Who doesn’t wear shades when cleaning windows is the real question…


If your not wearing sunnies by the time you are 40 you’re crows feet will make you look like you’re over 60 lol, I wore sunnies almost my whole time cleaning windows, I still have crows feet of a much older man.

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I’ve turned my truck around many times for leaving my shades on the counter. Polarized lenses for sure all day.


Haaa … Me too , and bought another pair , because I forgot my sunglasses on the counter.

All it took me was one good day squinting and I said never again!

I dont take my trash out without my shades on… Polarized lenses for the win when cleaning windows…

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